Who was Dorita Delle Donne? The story behind her metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

Dorita Donne breast cancer

Dorita Donne was found to have a rare and extremely aggressive type of cancer for which there is now no treatment. Let’s see Dorita Donne breast cancer.

Who is Dorita Donne?

Dorita Delle Donne was a 32-year-old young woman. A young woman was initially told a lump on her breast was nothing to worry about, but later learned she was dying from a rare kind of cancer.

Despite her deteriorating health and the £280,000 cost of her lifesaving therapy, Dorita Delle Donne, 32, still hopes to wed her lover.

Dorita Donne breast cancer

Dorita Delle Donne, 32, visited the hospital in 2020 to have a tumour on her left breast examined.

She claims that a healthcare employee told her “don’t worry” and that the jump was simply a “benign cyst.”

Dorita, who resides in Ealing, West London, received her final diagnosis of metastatic triple-negative breast cancer a year later.

The disease is now incurable and has a particularly aggressive and unusual type.

Why is Dorita unable to go to her father’s death

Dorita was unable to travel to her native Italy on the first day of her torturous treatment to be at her father’s death.

Is she forced to resign

Then, because of her illness, she was unable to work in person and was forced to resign as the restaurant manager of one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants so that she could work remotely on a separate team.

Who is Ester Sanna

Ester Sanna Ferraiolo, Dorita’s six-year girlfriend, works from home alongside her, and occasionally Dorita is compelled to answer work calls while lying in the hospital.

What Ester said to Dorita

Dorita never tears, said 32-year-old Ester to MyLondon.

“She’s the strongest lady I’ve ever known, and she’s always smiling. She may put on a brave face for everyone, but that grin must conceal a great deal of suffering. Because pretending that everything is fine when it’s not must be so difficult.

Ester, who hails from the same region of Italy as Dorita, said that she “began her trip with hope.”

However, Ester continued, “she stopped responding to the therapy after seven rounds. She has recently been receiving palliative care, but she is still fighting. We are still committed to looking everywhere in the world for anything that might be the solution.

What is the new treatment to save Dorita

Recently, the pair learned about CAR T-cell therapy, a type of medicine that could be able to save Dorita.

However, the procedure is currently out of her reach at a cost of £280,000.


Ester, who has subsequently established a fundraising on GoFundMe, stated, “We want to be able to have finances ready for treatment at short notice because time is the most essential factor when it comes to cancer treatments.”

“But I also want to make Dorita happy, in addition to utilizing the money for treatment. She has a tonne of locations and restaurants she wants to check out, so I’ve asked her to start making a bucket list.


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