Who is Peter Waithaka ? Mugging Mastermind and Dreaded Killer suspect arrested

Who is Peter Waithaka ? Mugging Mastermind and Dreaded Killer suspect arrested

Mugging Mastermind and Dreaded Killer Suspect Peter Waithaka Arrested in Nairobi. Let’s see more details about the suspect Waithaka in the following paragraphs.

James Waithaka arrested in Makongeni

Peter Waithaka, 33, was apprehended on Sunday evening in Nairobi’s Eastlands after being pursued by detectives for 48 hours.

A known criminal who is believed to be the head of a gang responsible for the daylight armed robberies reported in Kilimani and  its surroundings in Nairobi has been captured by police in Kilimani.

According to a report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Alex Marcopaulo, a Greek national, was killed in October 2022, and Waithaka is suspected of being involved.

Waithaka approached Marcopaulo

Waithaka is alleged to have approached Marcopaulo at the intersection of the Menellik-Ngong road with two accomplices. He robbed him of his possessions. After that He shot him in the right side of the chest before escaping on a motorcycle.

After all, attempts to save his life failed, Marcopaulo later passed away at the Nairobi Women’s hospital.

Waithaka released after 6-year Sentence

Waithaka was recently released from prison after serving a 6-year sentence for a similar offense, according to DCI.

In a separate incident on September 29, the armed thugs accosted four Dutch tourists outside a Silver Harbour apartment along Kindaruma road . They robbed them of their mobile phones, cash, and jewelry before escaping towards Ngong road on a motorbike, whose plate numbers were concealed.

“As they made their escape, the thugs fired two shots in the air to scare off members of the public who had responded to the distress call by the besieged tourists,” wrote DCI on Twitter.

“The Dutch tourists were waiting to board a tour van to Nairobi National Park when the thugs stuck in the 8 a.m incident.”

After his arrest, Waithaka led the detectives to his house in Wangige, Kiambu county.  “where crucial exhibits related to the robbery incidents were recovered and documented,” said DCI.

DCI released a clip of thugs robbing a foreigner

At the same time, DCI released harrowing footage that showed how killer thugs accosted a foreign national and robbed her at gunpoint.

On its social media pages, the investigative agency showed how the dreaded gangster responsible for a series of muggings and robberies in the city and its environs accosted a group of Wazungus.

In the terrifying video, two men are seen approaching four foreigners and forcibly robbing them of their possessions. Three of them were able to get away, leaving one terrified woman behind who was brutally treated by the goons.

They took her luggage and fled. A security guy guarding a nearby building tried to pursue them but was scared off by them.

Investigation Ongoing

Meanwhile, investigations are underway to uncover the identities of the remaining suspects.

Afende Mnono Posted

This robbery’s primary suspect is currently in custody. The murder of a Greek national will be the subject of charges against the 33-year-old criminal Peter Waithaka. At the intersection of the Menelik and Ngong roads in October, the two confronted Alex Marcopaulo and forcibly removed their possessions.


DCI Kenya Posted

DANGEROUS JAILBIRD ARRESTED FOR MURDER An armed and dangerous gangster responsible for the cold-blooded murder of a Greek National on October 15 this year, has been arrested by detectives. The 33-year-old thug Peter Waithaka is believed to be the head of a gang behind the bars.

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