Who are Nathaniel Train and Gareth Train brothers? Suspects of Wieambilla shooting, motive explained

Nathaniel Train and Gareth Train

Six people, including two cops, were killed in the Wieambilla shooting. Let’s discuss the Suspects of the Wieambilla shooting and who are Nathaniel Train and Gareth Train brothers in detail.

Who are Nathaniel Train and Gareth Train?

Gareth Train, the owner of a rural Queensland farm where six people were shot and killed on Monday, had been deeply involved in an online conspiracy group.

According to Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, the property at Wieambilla in the Western Downs contained “a lot of ammunition and weaponry” and the deceased cops “did not stand a chance.”

According to property records, Gareth Train and his wife Stacey are the owners of the land. On Monday afternoon, police went to the house in search of Nathaniel Train, Gareth’s brother who had been reported missing by his family.

Nathaniel Train missing case:

Nathaniel Train worked in northern Queensland primary schools Yorkeys Knob State School and Innisfail, East State School, as well as Walgett Community College Primary School in NSW. Children from low-income homes frequently attend all three of these rural schools.

In 2017, the Cairns Post reported that “mild-mannered” Train had his unusual beard covered with glitter and baubles to generate money for the Yorkeys Knob school’s Parents and Citizens’ organization.

After working at numerous schools in north Queensland, Nathaniel Train relocated to the New South Wales town of Walgett, where he served as the principal of a neighborhood primary school until August 2021.

Mr. Train had not been seen for a year, but up until October, he had been in communication with his family. It is reported that he was last seen in Dubbo in west-central New South Wales a year ago.

The NSW Parliament was informed that in March, Nathaniel wrote the NSW Department of Education 16 emails over the course of two weeks highlighting issues and difficulties at the school and pleading for help.

He stopped working at the school in August 2021, according to a NSW Education representative, and “formally departed our employment in March this year.”

Wieambilla shooting- Explained:

Six police officers died as a result of what began as four cops performing ordinary general duty tasks strolling along a bush trail. Many more were traumatized.

Officers were asked by NSW Police colleagues, to check on Nathaniel Train, the missing school principal, at a residence on Wains Road.

Officers went to Nathaniel’s brother Gareth Train and his wife Stacey’s secluded bush home because they thought he had been living there.

After arriving at the property, constables Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29, were shot and killed, and a third officer was injured and brought to the hospital.

wieambilla shooting

What happened in the Wieambilla property in Queensland?

Officers arrived at a Wieambilla property on the Wains Road in search of a missing person. Officers Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29, are said to have arrived in the first car to meet Officers Keely Brough and Randall Kirk, both 28, who were in the second car before entering the home.

Then McCrow and Arnold horned their cars to let the residents know they were there. The four officers hopped over the locked fence after getting out of their cars and noticing no activity inside the house.

The four officers were hit by a barrage of bullets that were thought to have been fired by Nathaniel, Gareth, and Gareth’s wife, Stacey Train, a few seconds later.

Agent Arnold and Constance McCrow were struck immediately and collapsed on the ground. Agent Randall Kirk, a third officer who would soon become a father of two, was shot in the leg but was able to flee. He is currently in the hospital recovering.


The shooters attempted to capture the fourth police officer, Keely Brough, 28, but she was able to flee and hide in the bushes close by. As Mrs. Brough fled, the assassins attacked the injured police officers and shot them dead at close range while seizing their guns.

The terrified officer warned her loved ones through text that she believed her time was running out. In an attempt to get her out, the deadly gang set fire to the bush.

The armed perpetrators also shot and killed neighbor Alan Dare, age 58. While hiding in the grass close to the property, Officer Brough was able to stay in touch with her coworkers before being rescued by a tactically trained police unit that had hurried to the site.

The gunmen continued to terrorize the area for a few more hours before being finally shot dead at about 10:30 p.m. by a squad of 16 elite police officers.

Six hours later, in an operation involving 16 tactical police, Gareth and Nathaniel Train were shot and murdered along with a woman who has not yet been named.

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan said the slain officers’ “innocence was stolen by evil”.

Cop shooter revealed to be an online conspiracist:

Gareth was an online conspiracist and in a social group he talked about his distrust of police and his belief that the Port Arthur massacre was a false-flag operation.

One of Gareth and his wife’s acquaintances claimed that they thought he had recently become enmeshed in online conspiracy theories. He seems to have been a frequent poster on an alternative website that publishes writings on conspiracy, opposition to authorities, and other topics.

In a recent tweet, he claimed to have been “ark homesteading for the past five years preparing to survive tomorrow”. “When it becomes clear that we are in a time like no other and you head out into the wilderness to escape persecution, know that my wife and I will offer refuge to all brothers and sisters,” he wrote.

“I will be scanning the UHF channels when that time comes.” Gareth claimed that the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, Australia’s deadliest mass shooting, was a “false flag” operation to “disarm the Australian public.”

Gareth’s posts:

“If you are a conservative, anti-vax [sic], freedom lover, protester, common law, conspiracy talker, alternative news, independent critical thinker, Truther, Christian, Patriot, etc. Expect a visit from these hammers,” he said.

In addition, Gareth posted on his experience working in Queensland’s child welfare and educational systems. He also seemed preoccupied with the idea that the government was operating “re-education camps.”

“Most do not accept that the death of Princess Diana was an occult blood sacrifice to bewitch or the 9/11 blood sacrifice or the war machine,” Gareth stated.

‘Occult blood sacrifice goes hand in hand with the magic of hidden money.’ Gareth stated that social media was “embedded with Luciferian spells”.

He wrote an anti-vaccination post, while in another he spoke about his thoughts on Queensland, which he referred to as the ‘badlands’.

He claimed online that he had been “occupying the ark for the previous five years preparing to survive tomorrow,” but he also claimed that, despite Queensland’s apparent flaws, he was content to live there.

“Bad cops, bad cell service, bad roads, bad advice, bad ice addicts, bad juvenile delinquency… but it’s still the best place to live free.”

Gareth disliked the police force and had an obsession with the so-called re-education camps.


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