What happened to Vivian Ramnarace? Wife of John Ramnarace’s cause of death Explained

Vivian Ramnarace

New Year’s Belmopan Shooting third victim Vivian Ramnarace died. Let’s see, what happened to John Ramnarace’s wife and Vivian Ramnarace cause of death in detail.

What happened to Vivian Ramnarace?

John Ramnarace’s wife, Vivian, passed away, following complications caused by a blood clot.

Vivian underwent life-saving surgery, after getting a gunshot wound shooting incident that killed her husband.

According to reports, Ramnarace was being taken back to the hospital feeling ill, but she collapsed in the parking lot.

Unfortunately, Vivian passed away at Western Regional Hospital (WRH) shortly before 8:00 p.m. She leaves Kaitlyn, her 5-year-old daughter behind her.

Additionally, Corporal Elmer Nah, who is presently detained at the Kolbe Foundation, could face a triple murder accusation for the two murders that occurred on Belen Street in Maya Mopan on December 31.

New Year’s Belmopan Shooting explained:

According to reports, a shooter entered the yard and started shooting at David, then turned around and started shooting at Jon and his wife Vivian who were inside the home.

Two victims, Jon Ramnarace and David Ramnarace were put to death. The third victim, Jon Ramnarace’s wife Vivian underwent life-saving surgery after receiving six gunshot wounds.

According to reports, a police officer is being held by the authorities in connection with the murder. Corporal Elmer Nah, 39, is the officer who was taken into custody and questioned.

Vivian Ramnarace cause of death

Vivian Ramnarace who was the wife of the late Jon Ramnarace, who was murdered on New Year’s Eve passed away.

According to reports, she died as a result of cardiac problems. Her heart attack is thought to have been caused by a blood clot, and resuscitation techniques failed to save her life.

On New Year’s Eve in Belmopan, Vivian was shot and wounded in the same shooting that killed her brother and husband.

She had initially been hospitalized after the shooting, but she was later released. It is unknown at this time whether her passing is connected to those injuries.

Elmer Nah, a police corporal, is charged with carrying out the shooting.

Investigations are ongoing.


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