What happened to Baby Junior Sagini? Mike Sonko offers Ksh400k to the police who killed the Suspect?

What happened to Baby Junior Sagini? Mike Sonko offers Ksh400k to the police who killed the Suspect?

A three-year-old boy, Baby Sagini, from Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County is admitted to a hospital in Kisii town after his eyes were gouged out by unknown people. Let’s find out more details about the incident.

To Remain Blind For The Rest Of His Life

Doctors have informed them that young Junior Sagini, the victim of the horrendous attack, will remain blind for the rest of his life.

It appears like a sharp object, such as a knife, was used, said Dr. Daniel Kiage at the clinic. “Sagini’s eyes had been removed totally and there are some injuries in the lids,” he said.

His family has requested that authorities find and punish the individuals responsible for the bizarre deed that shocked so many.

Grandma and the father of Baby Sagini gave police sworn statements. Additionally, police are seeking the two eyes. No blood was found at the spot. Leading investigators to believe that the heinous crime was committed somewhere before the body was left at the property.

Mike Sonko has offered Ksh400k to Kill the Suspect

Mike Sonko, a former governor of Nairobi, has promised Ksh400,000 to any police officer who kills members of the gang responsible for gouging out Junior Sagini the baby’s eyes.

Sonko expressed his deepest disappointment over the unfortunate incident that took place in Kisii county on his official Twitter account. Additionally, he promised to pay Ksh200,000 to anyone who provided information that would enable police to find the perpetrator (s).

I also offer an additional 200k to anyone who provides information that enables the authorities to stop this group of cowards, the man continued.

Baby Sagini kidnapped

Unknown individuals kidnapped Baby Sagini. They gouged out his eyes and dumped him on the family’s banana plantation.

The boy’s grandma went to the spring to look for him, but she was unable to find him. The boy was found six hours after he was kidnapped from his family’s banana plantation.

He was identified in Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County, on Wednesday evening, December 14, 2022.

He had both of his eyes entirely removed, and his eyelids had suffered considerable damage. So it appears like a sharp object, like a knife, was used, the doctor added.

Who are all the Suspects?

The boy’s father was first detained by police as a suspect in the case, but he was later freed due to a lack of evidence linking him to the crime. Rael Mayieka, the boy’s grandmother, claimed that her grandson was on his way to a nearby spring to gather water when the incident occurred.

The boy reportedly dropped his jerrycan into a neighboring thicket and started running away while still being around other kids. The other kids told the boy’s grandma what had happened when they returned home carrying jerrycans full of water.

Families Rushing to Speed up the Investigation

Director of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin said they want to know the motive and those behind the bizarre incident.

His older brother, who had gone to chop grass for the cows, pounced on him in a maize plantation and he raced home breathless to inform us. We went to the location and found the youngster writhing in anguish with his eyeballs gouged out, Mayieka recalled.

“We attempted to hunt for him but all our attempts proved futile. The boy’s family is pleading with the police to expedite their inquiries and apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime.

Social Media Posting

Sonko Posted

Taking to his official Twitter account, Sonko expressed utmost disappointment over the unfortunate incident that occurred in Kisii county.

“I’ve really been saddened by this sad incident and hereby offer Ksh400k (400,000/=) to any police officer/officers who will shoot dead the members of this notorious gang . If IPOA wallet ujuaji I still offer to stand with the officers’ wale watadedisha Hawa majangili washenzi,” Sonko wrote.

Friend of God Posted

Who will see this and fail to cry? His abductors couldn’t have mercy gorging his small eyes in a six hours ordeal! Three years old baby sagini’s fate is sealed. What is the meaning of life, humanity is beastly! Who will hear this and fail to cry?

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