What happened? How did Jean Luc Brunel die? a Suicide or a Murder

What happened? How did Jean Luc Brunel die? a Suicide or a Murder


If you don’t know yet, Jean Luc Brunel was found hanging in his cell. And the major question here is How did Jean Luc Brunel die. A Suicide or a Murder! Let me try to correlate all the things.

Before getting straight to How did Jean Luc Brunel die, Let’s see what the sources are telling about the death.


  • Jean Luc Brunel, 76, was spotted hanging in his cell at 1 a.m. during a night check-in in La Santé, Paris.
    In December 2020, the fashion agent was detained at Charles de Gaulle airport while attempting to go to Senegal.
  • He was accused of being a part of the global underage sex network run by famed billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Brunel’s death has left Ghislaine Maxwell’s family shocked and scared for her safety, according to her relatives.
  • After Epstein died in jail, his death in an apparent hanging would feed conspiracy theories surrounding the Epstein case.
  • Brunel is believed to have been alone in the cell, and no cameras were there to film his dying hours.

After Jeffrey Epstein’s French modeling agent pal Jean Luc Brunel, who reportedly obtained over a thousand women and girls for the pedophile financier to sleep with, died today in an apparent prison suicide, Maxwell’s family has expressed concern for her safety.

Brunel was found hanging in his cell at La Santé, in the south of Paris, in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to prosecutors. He is not believed to have been on suicide watch.

It comes only days after Prince Andrew, 62, agreed to settle a sex abuse case filed by Virginia Roberts after the two met purportedly through Epstein and Maxwell. Andrew made no admission of responsibility in the settlement, and he has consistently rejected the particular allegations.

Brunel, 76, was accused by Roberts of obtaining over a thousand women and girls for Epstein to sleep with, and he was facing rape charges in France.

Maxwell’s family called Brunel’s death “shocking” and expressed concern for her safety in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where she is presently being kept.

‘Another death by hanging in a high-security jail,’ Maxwell’s brother Ian told the New York Post from his London home. My reaction is one of total shock and bewilderment.’

Mr. Maxwell stated that his sister was deemed a suicide risk despite her psychiatrist’s advice to the contrary and that she is woken up every 15 minutes during the night. He called it a “complete violation of prisoner and human rights,” and insisted that Maxwell was not suicidal.

Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking children in December of last year, paving the path for federal prosecutors to bring her to jail for her role in assisting Epstein in recruiting underage females before sexually assaulting them.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Maxwell’s team of four attorneys petitioned a federal judge to grant her a second trial, claiming that questions made to a jury concerning sexual abuse violated her right to a fair trial.

Brunel’s death in an alleged hanging would feed conspiracy suspicions surrounding the Epstein case, since the financier died in jail while awaiting prosecution in an apparent hanging, according to officials.

The fact that prison video cameras at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correction Center were not working when Epstein died in the cell he shared with another inmate has added to the controversy surrounding his death.

According to an investigative source at La Santé, one of France’s hardest prisons, Brunel was believed to be alone at the time of his death, and there were no cameras to record his dying hours.

‘A night patrol found his lifeless body at 1 a.m.,’ according to an investigation source. ‘A judicial investigation has been initiated, and preliminary evidence indicates that the death was caused by suicide.’

Let’s get to this question straight How did Jean Luc Brunel die? 


How did Jean Luc Brunel die?

The CCTV is not working. He was found dead in his cell. Couldn’t they shake things up a little?

They are unable to do so. And more importantly, they don’t have to. It’s a message to others in their environment. Besides, there’s no reason to restrict anything coming from the people; we’ve shown that we’ll tolerate anything coming from the elite, and they have no motive to censor themselves.

“We’ve demonstrated that we would tolerate anything from the elite, and they have no reason to censor themselves” is so accurate, and it makes me so angry at so many people who are against the elite, against mandates, and against all of these myths. Nothing we’ve done is sat on our sofas and tweeted about it on social media.

Someone could have simply gone in, killed him in a way that made it appear as if he committed suicide, then hanged him to indicate this, and then departed, knowing full well that the rich and powerful perverts in this sick country wouldn’t go too far. Come on. If Clinton is connected to Jeffrey Epstein, the Democratic Party will have a black face, er, mark on it.

Someone has most likely murdered them both in order to prevent their names from being publicized. However, how is it that Maxwell is still alive?

I think it will be two weeks from now…

BREAKING NEWS! Ghislaine Maxwell found Mama Cass’d inside her prison cell.


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How did Jeffrey Epstein die?

How did Jean Luc Brunel die?

It wasn’t a suicide.

Sorry. He had links to Clinton (he had a photograph of her in a blue dress on his wall), and Trump was known to visit the White House on occasion. This alone strongly suggests that Epstein was killed. I heard a weapon, a firearm, was found in the jail. That entire unit was rife with corruption. So, take a man with millions, if not billions, of wealth, a sex-trade involving young girls, and a corrupt local government, which includes cops, attorneys, and politicians, and you have a beautiful nest of people who want him removed and silenced. Consider who he could finger, as well as who he has already fingered.

However, it appears to be in fine condition. You can see why a pedophile would pick the easy way out rather than doing time in prison (as if) and becoming a sex target himself, or being murdered for being a part of such a system.

Even still, you have to question why the guards didn’t check on him. Sure, the majority of cops are slackers. They won’t perform any more work than is necessary, but this was only a monitor check? Or was it in a cell that wasn’t surrounded by monitors? What are the chances of that happening? Is there a specific cell for persons who deserve special treatment? And no one else in the jail was aware of what was going on?

Do you recall the Pizza Gate allegations?

“In November 2016, Wikileaks revealed his emails.” The Pizzagate conspiracy theory claimed that the emails included coded signals linking multiple U.S. restaurants and Democratic Party high-ranking officials to an alleged human trafficking and child sex ring.

The Comet Ping Pong restaurant and pizza in Washington, D.C. was one of the allegedly implicated enterprises.”

Now, a well-known pedophile and wealthy get busted again, and a photo of Slick Willie in a blue dress hangs on his wall? In his residence, Jeffrey Epstein had a picture of Bill Clinton in a blue outfit.

Monica, in her twenties, could have been too old for Slick?

In the 1990s, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were pictured partying with Epstein. According to the Post, “recently obtained private flight logs show Clinton, who was Epstein’s acquaintance, traveled aboard Epstein’s private plane.”

Trump was accused of rapping a 13-year-old model girl at a party. Overall, this does not appear to be a favorable situation. With Epstein out of the way, neither Clinton nor Trump can be questioned about their sexual activities.

Have you ever wondered if Clinton’s blood-red shoes meant he had blood on his hands? Like a river of it?

I hope I gave the answer to How did Jean Luc Brunel die. Let me know what do you think about the death in the comments section. 


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