What are all the 10 Thirumana Porutham in Tamil? Is it necessary to find? What else you should see?

What are all the 10 Thirumana Porutham in Tamil


10 Thirumana Porutham in Tamil

Here are ten Thirumana Porutham in moving your finances forward.

Ten matches to look out for

  • Thina Porutham (தினப் பொருத்தம்)
  • Gana Porutham (கணப் பொருத்தம்)
  • Mahindra Porutham (மகேந்திர பொருத்தம்)
  • Sthree deergha Porutham (ஸ்திரி தீர்க்கப் பொருத்தம்)
  • Yoni Porutham (யோனி பொருத்தம்)
  • Rasi Porutham (ராசி பொருத்தம்)
  • Rasiyathipaty Porutham (ராசி அதிபதி பொருத்தம்)
  • Vasiya Porutham (வசிய பொருத்தம்)
  • Rajju Porutham (ரஜ்ஜு பொருத்தம்)
  • Vedic Porutham (வேதை பொருத்தம்)


Thina Porutham (தினப் பொருத்தம்)

If the number is 2,4,6,8,9,11,13,15,18,20,24,26 when counting from female star to male star then there is a Thina Porutham. If this number is not present then the horoscope can be discarded.


Gana Porutham (கணப் பொருத்தம்)

In astrology, the stars are divided into three sets. They are the Deva Porutham, the Human Porutham, and the Demon Porutham respectively. This Gana Porutham is essential for the blurring of life.


Mahindra Porutham (மகேந்திர பொருத்தம்)

Wealth is essential for a happy marriage and a happy marriage. In addition, the wealth of getting a child is necessary. This will give wealth to the couple if there is a match. In addition, the wealth will increase through the sons.


Sthree deergha Porutham (ஸ்திரி தீர்க்கப் பொருத்தம்)

The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. That is why adults also greet married women as “Tirkkasumangali Pawa (தீர்க்கசுமங்கலி பவ)”. To be burdensome Sthree deergha Porutham must be matching.


Yoni Porutham (யோனி பொருத்தம்)

In our astrology, every star has every beast. Based on that this fit is seen. Does not apply if there is enmity between male-female star beasts. Enmity is not for the family. Mutual reciprocity is required between couples to have a happy marriage. That is why this match is viewed. If this is the case the marital relationship will flourish.


Rasi Porutham (ராசி பொருத்தம்)

A good marriage requires work from both partners. It is necessary to find a zodiac match.


Rasiyathipaty Porutham (ராசி அதிபதி பொருத்தம்)

There are probably no adults who do not greet the couple that the dynasty should grow like a banana under a banana. Rasiyathipaty Porutham must be found for offspring development.


Vasiya Porutham (வசிய பொருத்தம்)

Husband and wife need to be in love with each other for the rest of their lives so that it does not turn back and go over the other. Only then will one agree with the other’s opinion.


Rajju Porutham (ரஜ்ஜு பொருத்தம்)

The Rajju Porutham is the most important match among the ten wedding matches. Nine out of ten matches will not marry if there is no Rajju Porutham. To that extent, this match is important to our ancestors.


Vedic Porutham (வேதை பொருத்தம்)

Veda means attacking each other. So the stars in the script are not applicable. Vedic match means Mangalya strength. The absence of a male and female star from each other is called a Vedic match.


Is it necessary to find 10 Thirumana Porutham?

Is it necessary to find 10 Thirumana Porutham


It is questionable whether marriages are conducted in a proper manner in this age of civilization and science. What does formality mean? Our forefathers used many strategies to make a bisexual marriage flourish like “all”. Name match, zodiac match, star match, and many more matches ended up looking fragrant. Through it, they lived as a whole couple and enriched their lives by maintaining a relationship to nurture their family.

What were all these matches looking for? It illustrates the immense talent of our ancestors. For example, when looking for a wedding match, it is important to look at whether there is a Tuesday defect. For those who do not believe in astrology, this may seem like a closed belief or even a Gaelic myth. But scientifically Mars means blood. Counting and blood flow are interrelated. Only by examining the blood type can we know whether it is “positive” or “negative”. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is exactly what our ancestors used to say about the status of Mars. No matter how many scientific things like this are hidden in this astrology. This is because our forefathers left it unscientific and astrological.

Therefore, the marital fit is very, very important. The dynasty of “banana under the banana” will flourish by getting married knowing if there are any suitable matches in the horoscope of the man and woman who are going to get married.

Is just looking at these 10 Thirumana Porutham enough?

Is just looking at these 10 Thirumana Porutham enough


If you can only get these 10 Thirumana Porutham and get engaged, then of course this alone is not enough. There is a need to look into the horoscopes of both men and women. It is important to predict the life expectancy of the couple, their childbearing ability, and the woman’s strength, such as the planetary system in both horoscopes.

Some will have ten matches. But planetary systems may not be right. For some the planetary systems are right. But the matches will be fewer.

When we start to think of marriage as a male house or female house, for some it will be as soon as possible when looking for a girl or a boy. Some will require more time. Or more horoscopes will come and go.

So, if you are looking for a wedding for your son or daughter, see both 10 Thirumana Porutham and the horoscopes of both male and female.


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