Watch A J Croce performs Jim Croce song – Remembering on Fathers day

watch A J Croce performs Jim Croce song

A.J. Croce, now 50, is returning to the music that his father, Jim Croce, made famous, and in the process, embracing his father’s – and his own – legacy. Let’s watch A J Croce performs Jim Croce song.

The singer’s life is a catalog of grief, like a blues song. A.J. Croce lost his father when he was two years old, his sight when he was four, his house to fire, and his wife to a rare heart condition, respectively. “Man, it’s been a wild trip, to tell you the truth,” he remarked.

“We may choose how we want to bring the loss of someone we love into our lives, whether it was my father, my wife, or my sight. Do we wish to dwell on it further? Do we want to maintain the greatest part of that person, the best part of that experience?”

watch A J Croce performs Jim Croce song

What did A J Croce did for his father?

A.J. Croce, the sole child of the late Jim Croce, did something he’d never done before last year: he recorded a version of one of his father’s biggest hits, “I Got a Name.”

The musician had always avoided cutting his father’s music, but this appealed to him. Goodyear commissioned it to commemorate race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s career.

“I was honored to be invited to do it,” Croce recalls over the phone from Nashville. “My father recorded it as if it were a business operation. It wasn’t supposed to be on his third album, much less the title track for his final one.”

He’s stayed away from soft-rock classics like “Time in a Bottle,” “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,” “I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song,” and “Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels).” In fact, he has declined multiple opportunities to make a Jim Croce-style songbook CD.

With a smile, he says, “If I had taken even one of those, I would be very wealthy.” “It strikes me as odd that that was of no interest.

It doesn’t seem interesting to just cover his stuff. There’d be no way to accomplish it properly. People would either claim it wasn’t as good as the original or that I was only interested in making money. There was no way to win.”


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