Viktorija Mardosiene and her son Kevin died: What happened? Explained


Viktorija Mardosiene and her son Kevin died.What happened? Explained


Tragic death of Mom Viktorija Mardosiene after the passing of her five-month-old baby, Kevin. Lets see this news in detail

How did Viktorija Mardosiene and her five-month-old son die?

Following the tragic illness and death of her son Kevin Dugutis in the early hours of the following morning, Viktorija Mardosiene,32, passed away on August 9. It is believed that the infant fell ill in his cot at his family’s Newcastle house approximately two hours after his bedtime meal.

The coroner has now launched an investigation into the decedent’s death. Viktorija’s partner and Kevin’s dad were so upset to speak. The 32-year-old mum, who moved from Lithuania to the UK in 2016, is survived by her daughter, 12, who lives in Lithuania. She sadly never got to meet her younger brother before his untimely death.

Cause of death

Viktorija Mardosiene, a 32-year-old new mother, passed away on August 9 at 5 p.m. in the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Following the loss of Kevin Dugutis, a five-month-old baby, the young mother passed away. Just two hours after his last meal before bed at their house, Kevin is believed to have become ill.

According to Stoke on Trent Live, following the passing of their ‘healthy’ loved one, Viktorija, the family is now seeking explanations. It happens as the coroner for North Staffordshire is reviewing Kevin’s passing.

Mourning by her sister Tatjana Abraitiene 

Viktorija and Kevin’s tributes were led by Sister Tatjana Abraitiene. Kevin’s father was too distraught to talk to Stoke on Trent Live about losing his child and partner. Tatjana, 30, said: “I bid my nephew a final farewell. I kissed him and apologized for not being able to do anything about the awful situation.

We waited so long for this baby, and I carried them home from the hospital where I regularly saw them. He was incredibly gorgeous and liked. “She was like the sun in the day, so lovely. She could always find the right words to lift someone’s spirits. “She was everything to me and my other half. I will miss our conversations and our walks together. She is sorely missed by my daughters. From my side, they only had one aunt, and she is no longer there.

Tragic death of Viktorija Mardosiene Explained

“She was depressed and in mourning,” Tatjana continued. She claimed that she wished to pass away next to him. “Everyone left her at the hospital out of fear that she would commit herself if she went home. We had faith in the NHS and believed they would take care of her. “Two policemen arrived at my house later and informed me that she had passed away. I was speechless.

“A month has passed since they passed away, and the hospital still has no explanations. All I want to know is the specifics of what occurred. On August 9, at 12.42 a.m., West Midlands Ambulance Service arrived at Viktorija’s Dunkirk residence. A paramedic officer and two ambulances were present.

A spokeswoman for the EMS department stated, “We discovered an infant in severe condition. Advanced life support was provided to both on the spot and en route to the Royal Stoke University Hospital by ambulance personnel. The coroner is looking into the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death, according to a Staffordshire Police spokesman.

Tribute to Mum Viktorija Mardosiene and her son Kevin

Tatjana, 30, a resident of Silverdale in Newcastle-under-Lyme, said: “I returned my nephew’s last goodbye. I kissed him and apologized profusely, telling him that while it was once terrible, nothing can change

Tatjana Abraitiene, her sister, has led memorial services for Ms. Mardosiene, who also leaves behind Kevin and a 12-year-old child who regrettably never had the chance to meet her baby brother. When his partner and child were injured, Kevin’s father was initially too distraught to make any claims.

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