Tiara Scott, 34, shot and killed, 24 year-old suspect killed himself in Madison county shooting

Tiara Scott, 34, shot and killed, 24 year-old suspect Ladarrius Johnson killed himself. (Source: Facebook)
Tiara Scott, 34, shot and killed, 24 year-old suspect Ladarrius Johnson killed himself. (Source: Facebook)


Tiara Scott, 34, and the suspect, Ladarrius Johnson, 24, both died in a shootout involving officers that happened in Canton on Tuesday night. The incident in Madison County is currently being looked into by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI). Keep reading to know more about the Madison county shooting in detail.

Madison county shooting: What happened?

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI), the incident involving the Madison County Sheriff’s Department took place in the Canton neighborhood of Oakfield Boulevard at 11:30 p.m.

Deputies were dispatched in response to a plea for assistance involving a domestic dispute at a residence where it is suspected the concerned party had already fatally harmed one person.

After hearing that the shooter was still in the neighborhood, officers arrived and discovered two of the victims close to the community entrance.

Police said the offender shot a third person while being chased by deputies to the neighborhood’s clubhouse.

Suspect and the Victim identification:

After being located, the suspect allegedly pulled a gun on police. Then, it is said that the suspect, later identified as 24-year-old Ladarrius Johnson, shot and killed himself. Johnson’s passing in front of the neighborhood pool on Oakfield Boulevard brought the incident to a quick end.

Three people were hurt overall during the incident, and one of them ultimately passed away from their wounds. Since then, the deceased person has been identified as Tiara Scott, 34, by Madison County Coroner Alex Breeland.

Breeland said,

“A tragic incident, domestic disturbance — that’s the way I would say it began. A young lady lost her life in the course of the actions,”

“And after exchanging gunfire with Madison County deputies, the suspect ended up taking his own life.”

Johnson’s girlfriend and another individual were shot as well. Their names weren’t made public.


There were no major physical injuries sustained by any of the deputies during the incident.

MBI is currently investigating the shooting and compiling information. Agents will communicate their findings to the attorney general’s office after the inquiry is over.

Community Mourns

Ladarrius Johnson,the suspect, was father of a kid from Jackson, Mississippi. He attended Provine High School and spent his entire life in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Tiara Scott, the victim, worked at the VA Medical Center. She attended Holmes Community College as well as Antonelli College in Jackson, Mississippi. She was a mother of two and lived in Ridgeland, Mississippi. She will be sorely missed, according to her friends who remember her as having a beautiful, contagious attitude.

Authorities are currently examining into the death’s yet-unknown circumstances. The community has been outraged by the awful death, and the news has undoubtedly devastated their relatives and friends.

Condescensions have come in from all around the neighborhood as a result of the passing, which has naturally crushed their family and friends. On social media at this difficult moment, many individuals have sympathized with and offered support to their loved ones.


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