Teboho Mahlatsi, Co-creator at Bomb Production died at 49 – Cause of death & Obituary

Teboho Mahlatsi died. (Source: Facebook)

Devastating news: The brilliant mind behind the popular TV show Yizo Yizo has passed away. Teboho Mahlatsi, who was a company director at Bomb Productions and was a director, producer, writer, and co-creator of Yizo Yizo, passed away. Teboho Mahlatsi narrated incredible South African tales on television with such meticulous attention to detail that he felt honored as a South African, even when the tale was depressing and unfavorable. Keep reading to know more about Teboho Mahlatsi and his cause of death in detail.

Teboho Mahlatsi passed away

A well-known Filmmaker and director Teboho Mahlatsi died unexpectedly. He was known for gems such as YizoYizo, Gaz Lam, Zone 14, and Jacob’s Cross.

Teboho was a unique subgenre in the creative sector. As a person, a prolific writer, a creator, and a citizen of the world, whose actions and output served as a microcosm of the reality we face every day.

His role as a producer was that of a messenger, crossing a chasm of silence to compel us out of our isolationist cocoons and into a world of discourse and inclusivity.

What happened to Mahlatsi?

Teboho Mahlatsi, a director at Bomb Productions as well as a producer, writer, and co-creator of Yizo Yizo, passed away on July 3 at the age of 49. The tragic news was posted on Facebook by comedian David Kau on behalf of the family of Teboho Mahlatsi.

It is with the saddest regret that we announce the untimely passing of Filmmaker & Producer – Teboho Moseling Mahlatsi, on the 3rd of July 2023. In lieu of personal condolences, the family kindly requests prayers & that they be given privacy to mourn and come to terms with the tragic loss. Further details will be communicated in due time. – Mahlatsi family Rest In Peace The Brother 🙏🏾💔😇

The family politely requests prayers instead of individual condolences as well as space to mourn and come to grips with the devastating loss.

The funeral arrangements for Teboho Mahlatsi will be made public at a later time, according to the family. This suggests that the family is making preparations and will give the required information about his passing and the planned burial ceremony as soon as possible.

Once the obituary and funeral plans are made public, Teboho Mahlatsi’s neighborhood, friends, and acquaintances will be able to celebrate his life and pay their respects.


Actress and screenwriter, Mmabatho Montsho said:

“Devastating. Teboho gave us some of the most iconic moments in South African TV. A storytelling signature that marked a time… emulated to this day. You leave an undeniable mark. RIP. Ubegrand jo.”

Who was Teboho Mahlatsi?

Teboho Mahlatsi, a 1974-born screenwriter, spent five years writing for film and television after completing the Africa Cultural Centre Film & Television Course.

For the South African educational channel SABC Education TV, he wrote, produced, and directed the documentary Ghetto Diaries. He has also written, produced, and directed the highly contentious television series Yizo Yizo, which won Best Director and Best Drama Series at the Avanti Awards (South Africa’s version of the Emmys).

At the 1999 Venice Film Festival, his short film Portrait of a Young Man Drowning took home the Silver Lion. He finished a brief television series called Ungshaya Ding Dong the next year. A-Z – A Commentary on Post-Apartheid South Africa (2001) and Meokgo and the Stick Fighter (Sekalli le Meokgo – 2006) are two of Mahlatsi’s other works.

He has also helmed a lot of music videos. Mahlatsi received recognition for ground-breaking achievements in the audiovisual and creative industries in 2018 at the USIBA Awards, which were presented by the Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa. He serves as one of The Bomb Shelter Film Company (Pty) Ltd.’s corporate directors.

The Mbhaco Maker (2017), Shuga (2009–2012), Sekalli le Meokgo (Meokgo and the Stick Fighter) (2006), A–Z – A Commentary on Post-Apartheid South Africa (2001), Ungshaya Ding Dong (2000), and White City Black Lives (1997) are just a few of the titles that include Bheki.

Teboho Mahlatsi’s net worth

Teboho Mahlatsi’s estimated net worth, which was determined from his multiple sources of income, was around $4 million. He made a lot of money as a skilled producer and director thanks to his prosperous career in the entertainment business.

Mahlatsi has proven throughout his career that he can engage viewers with original storytelling and cutting-edge filmmaking techniques.

Because of the opportunities and attention he received for his commitment to his trade, he was able to make a living by engaging in creative work. Mahlatsi established himself as a reputable producer and director, and his talent and labor of love led to financial success.

Teboho Mahlatsi cause of death

The untimely death of Teboho Moseling Mahlatsi, a respected filmmaker and producer, on July 3, 2023, has left the Mahlatsi family inconsolable. His death’s precise cause is still unknown to the public. He earned a reputation in the industry for his originality, honesty, and capacity for delving deeply into difficult issues.

The family has politely asked for privacy and understanding at this trying time as they grieve the loss of their loved one. Even if the details of his passing are still unknown, it is clear that he was adored and respected by everyone who had the privilege of getting to know and work with him.

His exceptional filmmaking and producing skills made a lasting impression on the business. All who liked his work will miss him dearly because of his unique originality, vision, and enthusiasm.

Teboho’s legacy will live on as long as audiences are inspired by and enthralled by his works. Tebogo Mahlatsi left a lasting impression on the cinema industry and all those who had the honor of enjoying his masterpieces, therefore his legacy will endure via the artistry and creativity he offered to the world.

Teboho Mahlatsi stated in 2010 when speaking at a TedXSoweto event

“The reason I do the film is first and foremost because I’m a fan of cinema. Like a typical township kid, I fell in love with cinema from going to the bioscope which was in a small community hall with an old projector”.

“My first memory of cinema is Clint Eastwood walking across the desert and his mouth is covered in sores. To this day, Westerns are still my favorite genre and many years later I got to make my own Western.”

“I went to Lesotho – my family’s from there, my grandparents are from there. It made perfect sense. They’re already on horseback, they’re wearing blankets, and instead of guns, I’ll use sticks. So I went to Lesotho and did this film Stick Fighter.”

“I don’t consider myself an African filmmaker. Yes, I was born here, I live here, but I just consider myself a filmmaker.” He said: “I want to make films for that kid who went to the bioscope as I did.”

Tributes to Teboho Mahlatsi

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

Thokozani Tox Nkosi wrote,

“Such devastating news. A young legend has rested. What a talent Teboho was. He directed me on Yizo Yizo over 20 years ago & I personally witnessed his genius. When he announced the Shaka ilembe project a few years ago, I knew a masterpiece was in the works. He may be gone but his work lives on. RIP brother T. Thoughts and prayers to the Mahlatsi family and the Bomb family.”

Khanyi Magubane tweeted,

“I’m at a loss for words. My Friend is gone. 💔💔 Producer, Writer, Director extraordinaire! Teboho Mahlatsi we were only 16 and 21 when we met at Carleton Center in 1996. What a journey you’ve had, what impact you’ve made. To the Mahlatsi family, I send my heart. @TebogoMalope”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, and friends. May he rest in peace.

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