South Korea Office Fire – What happened & Who did? Explained

South Korea Office Fire - What happened & Who did? Explained

According to local fire and police officials, a fire started by suspected arson raged through an office building in Daegu, South Korea, killing at least seven people and wounding dozens more. Let’s see what happened, who did the South Korea Office Fire in detail.


How the South Korea Office Fire happened?

The fire, which started in the late morning on the second floor of a seven-story office building near the city’s district court, was rapidly put out by dozens of firemen and trucks.

Seven individuals have been confirmed deceased, including an unnamed guy suspected of setting fire to a lawyer’s office. According to Park Seok-jin, chief of Daegu’s Suseong district fire department, at least 41 individuals were injured, largely from smoke inhalation, and 26 of them were treated at neighbouring hospitals.

According to Park, there were no additional persons trapped in the building.

According to Park, the building’s lack of sprinklers on its office levels may have contributed to the high death toll in such a short amount of time. Park did not respond immediately when asked if there were any violations of legally mandated safety requirements.


Who did the South Korea Office Fire?

Security camera footage shows the man leaving his residence with both hands clutching an apparent container that may have been used to start the fire, according to Daegu Metropolitan Police officer Jeong Hyeon-wook. All of the bodies were discovered in the same room, according to Jeong, and authorities are looking into probable motivations. A National Forensic Services team was also called to the scene.

With the suspect deceased, it’s unclear whether anybody will face charges in connection with the fire unless authorities locate a plc, according to Jeong.

Witness images showed smoke emerging from the building in Beomeo-dong, an upscale commercial sector in Daegu, South Korea’s fourth-largest city with a population of more than 2.6 million people, according to South Korean media.

Other images showed shattered windows, which Park claimed were the result of rescue operations.

South Korea’s Minister of the Interior and Safety, Lee Sang-min, has ordered officials to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident and give immediate assistance to the injured and relatives of the victims, according to the ministry.

Previously, In 2003, 192 people died in Daegu after a 56-year-old man set fire to a subway train, making it one of the deadliest arson assaults in South Korean history.


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