Top 1 Server Soraka ‘Soraka Mein’ died at 25, Cause of death Explained

Soraka Mein cause of death

TV Reporter Arnel Eclarinal confirmed the news of Soraka Mein’s passing via their social media. Let’s see what happened and what was Soraka Mein cause of death in detail.


How did ‘Soraka Mein’ die?

TV Reporter Arnel Eclarinal confirmed the news on his Facebook page. The message reads,

Flash: A lifeless body of a teenage girl was found inside a residence at Urban Poor Village, Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City. Police are currently investigating the area.

Update: Turned out that the victim is actually a 25-year-old female, single, and a student, identified as Ronna Mae Barja, a resident of said place. She was found lifeless, lying on the floor by her parents this morning.

Cherry WR also confirmed the news by stating the following in their post,

Summoners, a moment of silence. It is hard to believe, that our Top 1 Server Soraka ‘Soraka Mein’ has passed away. We thank you on behalf of those who experienced your great healing power and support, you will always be our Soraka Main. May you rest in peace, Summoner.


Soraka Mein cause of death

So far no cause of death has been made public.

But Stella, admin of Soraka Mein Facebook posted this,

I’m lost.

I’m not good at writing so please bare with me.

I received information from someone close to Soraka Mein in real life just this afternoon. I will not provide any details with respect to her family and friends. I…I just can’t believe it.

She’s really….gone forever.

I can’t even talk. I’m in denial. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m helpless.

She entrusted her accounts to me and hoped I and the other admin/s take care of them but I can’t. I don’t want to tarnish her hard work. I want us to remember how good she was as our number 1 Soraka. And I hope you do too.

Please be kind. I will not tolerate hate posts, questions about her identity, cause of death, demeaning behavior, and other bullsh*ts. Don’t even react HAHA to this.

Before that a set of conversations screenshot has been shared in the same Facebook page withe the caption of ,


Therefore, suicide may be a cause of death, and data indicate that mental depression plays a significant role.

Still a police investigation is going on and we will notice the updates here.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Soraka Mein cause of death will be added soon.


Soraka Mein Real Name

Soraka Mein is a 25-year-old female, single, and a student, identified as Ronna Mae Barja.

Stella, admin of Soraka Mein Facebook continued,


I know some of you know the real identity of Mein but please don’t share that post with her real name on pages and groups. You do know that this is her alter account because she felt safe here. If you share it on pages and groups, with her personal information, she will be exposed. She’s gone but at least respect her privacy. We thought these people would at least know to value her privacy but I guess we’re wrong. I understand that we are all mourning. But please take down your posts with her real name on them (except if you’re part of the media).

Please be sensitive to her family and close friends.


Prebiously, a post on the official acciynt said this

If you read this, it means im dead. Im doing my best to be positive, be strong, while waiting for her (since she promised)Im too broken. I thought she will come back. . I did everything that she wanted. She promised to come back to me.

Anyways im tired crying everydayIm tired feeling this intense pain in every second of my life Im sorry wala nang soraka mein

Kapag nainlove kayo, ingat na lang kayo, Sa mga admin ko try to continue this page, or atleast play my account. Its all yours now. I cant bear with this pain. Im too confident that we will not break up. Ilang beses na rin ako nasaktan pero ganun pa rin yung sakit. Mas lumalala nga

Anyways. Yung profile picture ko pala ngayon (yang may kandila). Its the most happiest moment in my life
How i wish Ill experience it again But it seems i wont

I deserve the pain, Breakup happened in a flash Tanggap ko pa sana if nainlove sya sa iba or nagloko ako
But i didnt. I gave my all in the relationship. And i know it , I wanna see you. Wanna hear your voice. Wanna talk to u.

Hug you tight. Be with you for the rest of my life. Be together forever. See the snow this winter with u. Sleep at your lap. Kiss you anytime i want. When i look back i see you and i dont feel alone. If we have problems, no matter how small it is, we will talk about it and fix it together. We wont break up. Im crying while im typing this

I love you so much… Up to my last breath. Anyways im tired. Nene will sleep forever now. In ur arms


Tributes paid to Soraka Mein

Rick Mickwell posted,

Omg, I just can’t believe it. Soraka Mein is a great soraka player, she’s the one who inspired me to play the support role more. She used to post so much stuff in the wildrift community and I really enjoy every of her post. My Condolences to the family and friends of soraka mein. May she rest in peace. Rest well legend.

More info on Soraka Mein cause of death will be added soon.



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