Sioux City shooting: Marlon White Eyes, 36 year-old killed at Ingleside Avenue

Marlon White Eyes, 36 year-old shot and killed. (Source: Facebook)

Police are looking for suspects in the shooting death of 36-year-old Marlon White Eyes on Monday night on the outskirts of Sioux City. Keep reading to know more about the Sioux City shooting in detail.


Sioux City shooting:

At 14th Street and Ingleside Avenue on Monday night, it happened shortly after 6:30. A 36-year-old man was discovered by the arriving officers with numerous gunshot wounds.

He was transported to MercyOne Siouxland Medical Centre by EMS. He was taken to the hospital and, as of 10:30 p.m., was reportedly still in surgery.

After speaking with witnesses, police claim to have found suspects who may have been connected to the shooting.


Police Investigation:

Police claim that their inquiry is still ongoing. Police believe that the victim was shot after an altercation between several people.

As of 10:30pm, there had been no arrests reported.

Lieutenant Jeremy McClure with Sioux City Police said,

”This seems like this possibly stemmed from some sort of fight between these groups. I don’t believe the public is in any immediate danger but we are still looking for people who we believe may be involved.”

According to McClure, the public is not currently in danger. Although the inquiry is still in its early stages, officers conducted interviews with neighbors Monday evening.

However, no one is currently being held in prison by them.


Is Victim Marlon White Eyes Dead?

Although the police have not yet disclosed the victim’s condition or any other information, Marlon’s friends and family have expressed their sorrow over his tragic gunshot death.

Marlon’s sister, Tamara Blackbird posted a Facebook post regarding his passing. She claimed that Marlon passed away at 12:43 pm on June 27. In a beautiful statement, she also said how much she miss him.

She wrote:

“I told myself I wasn’t going to post but I’m going to!
My baby brother had his life taken away. He fought as hard as he could. Sadly his last breathe was taken at 12:43 am. June 27th 2023. My heart is forever broken again. My heart was barely being ok and this….How are we to move forward with what had taken place?
I loved my brother with every ounce, inch of my soul & spirit.
He missed our mother sooo much, he missed our dad sooo much. Now he gets to be with them. He was their baby. Our baby brother. Was once 3 of us now it’s 2 of us.
I got a lot of memories of us, I’m sitting here crying, laughing.
He loved his daughters for the life of him, always spoke of them. Mackenzie Marie, Aubrielle Lenora, Wilma Free, Ramona Terese 🧡
His nieces and nephews, and his grandsons.
I love you baby brother!!!
I never thought this day would be here. 😩😭🥺
I don’t think I’ll get over this!!
He was our right hand man!!!

His cousin Savannah Berlyn Anderson wrote: “It’s so heartbreaking to hear the news that my cousin Marlon White Eyes had his life taken away. We have so many good memories together. One night him and his friend crashed at my place, we were getting ready, here I seen a sweater in my room, I real squeezed it on, tryna act cute, Marlon said, “Shii why do you have my sweater on? I put it in your room so no one would take it.” Oh buh!! 😂🤣😂 Just so sad, my condolences are with his loved ones.”

His Nephew Lisa Buggs Grant:  “RIP bro/nephew Marlon White Eyes I’m gonna miss our chill moments and conversations, checking on each other. You always had kind words to speak and say about others and how you suppose to be the next one to have them twins 😔 my deepest condolences to your significant other and to your beautiful babies fly high our heart”s are broken 💔 luv u”

One of his friend Myron Freemont Sr. wrote: “Gmorning everyone! UMONHON relatives walking in tears R.I.P. Brother Marlon White Eyes always had a smile always had good words when we see each other your gonna be missed until we meet again brother can’t believe it.”

Authorities are currently looking into Marlon’s death circumstances, which are yet unclear. The news has obviously crushed Marlon’s family and friends, and the community has been horrified by the tragic loss.

The news of Marlon’s passing has understandably devastated her family and friends, and condolences have poured in from all over the neighborhood. Many people have expressed their sympathies and offered support to Marlon’s loved ones on social media during this difficult period.



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