Peter Nguma death: How did the singer die? Cause of death and obituary


Peter Nguma singer Cause of death

KAVATANZOU BAND LEGENDARY GUITARIST DIED: One of the most gifted guitarists to have ever graced the Benga industry, the one-man guitarist of the Katitu Boys band, passed away, ending an era of an amazingly imposing legend. Let’s see what happened to the singer and Peter Nguma’s cause of death.

kamba Benga legend Peter Nguma Died

As far as we know, a well-known guitarist Peter Nguma is no longer among his close ones. Since his passing news has come on the internet many people are saddened and now they are curious to know about his cause of death.

Reportedly, there is no information about his cause of death as it has been not disclosed yet. If we will get any information about Nguma’s cause of death then we will update you soon.

Now many people have expressed their deep condolences to his family and friends and paid tribute to him on social media platforms.

Though he has left us, your songs with vital messages. Stay forever to recall our contribution to the society at large in the Benga industry.

We pass many condolences to his family, friends, and relatives, and God to grant u fortitude to withstand this challenging moment of mourning. 

Who was Peter Nguma?

In 1963, Peter Nguma was born in Kavata Nzou. He is one of the Original Katitu Boys Band’s few remaining members.

After graduating from high school in 1983, he spent a year in Nairobi where he met the late Michael Kakai Kilonzo of the Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band, who became one of his biggest mentors. He had mastered playing the guitar a year later.

He collaborated with the late Joseph Mutaiti Ndeto in the Super Kaiti Boys Band, playing solo guitar and singing backup. Other members of the group included Vincent Kioko on rhythm guitar, Katui Nguzi on bass guitar, and Alex Mutua on drums and percussion.

He then joined the Ngoleni Brothers Band in 1986, performing with Dickson Mutuku Mulwa on guitar, Sila Munyao on backup vocals, and others.

He changed bands in 1987, joining David Kasyoki Wamutoo [solo guitarist and vocalist] and Prince Maingi [rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist] in the Kyanganga Boys Band, which Peter Mwambi Wakulikya then directed.

Charles Mutiso Nzevela, the author of the songs “Katungwa” and “Ivinda Ya Tene,” was a member of the same group. In 1989, he and David Kasyoki quit Kyanganga Boys Band to start Katitu Boys Band.

In addition to other songs, they also published “Chokora,” “Cheza Na Katitu,” “Dr. Muia Wa Kalii,” “Chunga Pombe,” “Njeri My Daystar,” and “Mbiti Wa Kinzilo.” They wrote the timeless classic “Tembea Kenya” two years later.

Peter is the one who sang the first verses of that song: Tembea Kenya! Welcome to Kenya! We Kenyans welcome visitors from all around the world!

Nguma worked on solo projects under the name Kavata Nzou Band between 1992 and 1994. Peter recorded and released songs including “Carol Nyamweya,” “Wambui Mukumbu,” “Mtararajio,” and “Iveti Sya Viasala.”

He worked as a studio vocalist for the Mukuyuni Boys Band, directed by John Kioko “Simba Mundu,” and the Kimangu Boys Band, led by the late Charles Musyoki Kikumbi “Kijana,” while also writing and performing with the Katitu Boys Band. He provided the main vocals for the latter’s smash song, “Mbaika.”

Peter Nguma’s Obituary

Saying goodbye is often difficult, and finding the words to express how you feel about a loved one who has passed can be hard. We are sorry to announce the demise news of a Multi-talented artist and a good soul here.

Peter Nguma was such a Sweet, very professional, and gifted artist who will be fondly remembered by so many. He was a professional Guitarist of the Katitu Boys band. He will be missed but never forgotten. 

His family, friends, and loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time. We are grateful you’ve given the world access to your remarkable talents.

Please leave a tribute or share your memories with Peter Nguma in the comment field below to honor his death.


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