North Queensland shooting: What happened? Suspect, Motive Explained

North Queensland shooting

The town is located southwest of Bowen, close to Bogie, according to Queensland police, who also confirm that they are in route to a rural property nearby. Let’s see North Queensland shooting.

What the Emergence in Bogie?

Following allegations of several shootings, Queensland police are on the scene of a rural property close to Collinsville in the state’s north.

According to the Public Safety Preservation Act, an emergency has been declared, enabling police to set up an evacuation zone.

Authorities have so far established that one guy was discovered with a gunshot wound. The patient was flown to Mackay base hospital by a RACQ rescue helicopter.

What Police tweeted?

Police posted on Twitter that “one individual has been identified some distance from the property and is currently being treated for a gunshot wound.”

North Queensland shooting

Police have asked that people and aeroplanes avoid the area where they are now undertaking emergency operations.

Although these allegations have not been independently verified, the ABC is claiming that four people have been shot and that the shooter is still on the loose, according to emergency services.

What Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said?

According to a Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman, the event was originally reported to them via phone at 8:54 am on Thursday.

Although the incident was initially believed to have occurred in Bogie, a small rural community nearby, the police described the scene as being close to Collinsville.

Where did the gunshot happen?

A local called the club to inform them that there had been “a gunshot at the Bogie,” according to Elly Colls, a worker at the Opal Ridge Motel, who says she learned of the shooting at around 11am.

Colls advised that the house be secured. Because I don’t believe they located him.

On a dirt road leading to Bowen, Colls described the Bogie as a bridge and “a few farms.”

Is any updates in the investigation?

According to Queensland police, “updates will be released when information is available, but there is no additional detail at this time.”

Guardian Australia is aware that the area is remote and that getting there and receiving radio messages back pose logistical challenges.


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