How did the missing Nicholas Snead die? Cause of death Explained


Nicholas Jakolby Snead

Nicholas Jakolby Snead was found dead in Greensboro. Let’s see what happened to Nicholas Jakolby Snead in detail.

What happened to Nicholas Snead?

Greensboro police launched a probe after a body was discovered within a car that was partially submerged in a creek.

The car was discovered this morning at 9:30 near Wendover Avenue and Holden Rd., according to the police.

A death investigation has started. Hig point resident, Nicholas Snead, 20, who had been missing since December 23 has been identified as the body.

Nicholas Jakolby Snead missing case:

High point resident Nicholas Snead, 20, was found dead in his submerged car on Friday, according to Greensboro police.

Snead has been missing since December 23. In the late afternoon, his car was found in Buffalo Creek, close to South Holden Road and a busy section of Wendover Avenue.

Since Snead vanished two days before Christmas, the Greensboro Police Department has received countless tips and information regarding his whereabouts.

On Friday, someone called the police after spotting a car on its side down an embankment.

After the scene was cleared by the investigators, a large number of police officers—including two vans used for crime scene investigations—arrived in the area around midday.

Police covered the black vehicle after removing it from the creek. According to Greensboro Fire, a car reportedly overturned and went into a creek along Wendover Avenue in the city, killing one person.

Car accident:

On Friday morning, a bystander noticed an automobile in a ditch upside down. When rescue workers arrived, they discovered the automobile upside down and partially immersed in a creek, with one occupant inside. They found the person inside the car passed away.

Both the ramp from Holden Road to Wendover Avenue is going eastbound and the ramp from Holden Road going westbound were closed by police.

Drivers were urged to take detours and to drive with caution.


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