Merrill Road crash: Family of 3 killed in Arlington

Merrill Road crash: Family of 3 killed in Arlington
An F250 truck was involved in a deadly T-bone crash at the intersection of Hartsfield and Merrill roads. (WJXT)


Heartbreaking News: Three family members were reportedly murdered when a truck traveling the wrong way struck a car on Merrill Road.

According to Jacksonville police, an F250 traveling south on Hartsfield Road struck the passenger side of a family’s vehicle as it was traveling west on Merrill.

Three of the four people in the smaller vehicle that were traveling there when it happened on Merrill, one of whom was a youngster, did not survive.

The victims’ families are left heartbroken and shaken by the awful news. Social media users have been sharing their feelings and expressing their sadness at the occurrence. Here’s what we know everything about the Merrill Road crash.

About the Merrill Road crash

Following an accident on Merrill Road in the Arlington neighborhood on Thursday night, three persons are dead. The F250 was traveling south in the northbound lanes of Hartsfield Road, which terminates at the intersection of Merrill Road, at approximately 9:40 p.m., while the family was traveling west in a small, 4-door coupe on Merrill Road, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

According to police, the truck T-boned the coupe’s passenger side at the crossroads, sending both cars off the road and into the woods south of Merrill Road.

Two of the coupe’s passengers passed away at the site, and a third perished in the hospital.  The coupe’s driver was injured seriously and rushed to the hospital. Police did not say whether the truck driver was hurt, but they did say that he or she survived the collision.

What happened to the family members?

Three family members perished on Thursday night when their car was struck head-on by an F250 truck that, according to witnesses, was traveling the wrong way before hitting the vehicle at an Arlington crossroads.

A third person died in the hospital after two others were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver’s injuries are potentially fatal. According to the police, the victims included a male in his 20s, a woman in her 50s, and a woman in her 80s.

A man in his 50s is the driver who is in the hospital. According to witnesses, the truck’s driver was traveling the wrong way on Hartsfield moments before the collision.

Sadly, with this collision, 119 individuals have now died in automobile accidents in Duval County this year. Detectives are looking into the possibility of impairment, according to JSO.

Public responses to this unfortunate tragedy

Sofy Whitney wrote,

119 fatalities in Duval County this year and I see zero police enforcement of traffic violations. Speeding, tailgating, racing, bouncing lanes, etc, etc. Don’t cry city officials when it’s your turn. You’re doing nothing to protect your citizens.

Desiree Kilpatrick wrote,

No seriously and the police keeping him on the scene to make sure sees all these dead bodies they bringing out the car.

Chase Bank wrote,

This is the world we live in now. When I was younger and before I had kids. I let my emotions on the road get to me to where I didn’t give a damn what it lead to. Now, I let shit go bc nothing in this world and not one person walking this earth is worth my kids losing me. My condolences to the families of all parties. This is truly sad. 

Harold Hines wrote,

Something needs to be done about the way people are driving they think they are the King of the road and think there is only one-speed Full speed ahead Put their phones away while driving you do not need a phone while behind the wheel.


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