Man kill himself on FB live after killing his girlfriend and her sister on mission road, Tallahassee


Man kill himself on FB live before killing his girlfriend and her sister on mission road
Antonio Brown kill himself on FB live after killing his girlfriend and her sister on mission road (Source: Facebook/WCTV)


Police at Mission Hill Apartments are looking into a double homicide that left two women dead. Police continued to investigate this unfortunate tragedy.

Through our research, we found that the suspect was Antonio Brown, father of three who cruelly killed himself on Facebook Live after murdering his girlfriend and her sister in Tallahassee’s Mission Road. Let’s see about this tragic incident in detail.

Double Homicide: Ongoing Investigation

According to a Tallahassee Police Department spokesperson, the TPD is looking into a double homicide that occurred at the Mission Hill Apartments in the city’s northwest.

According to Alicia Turner, in a text message from TPD, “Two adult females were found deceased when officers arrived on the scene.”

Hill stated that at this moment, she was unable to divulge any information regarding a suspect. Police were called to the 2400 block of Mission Road apartment complex on Sunday at 5:47 p.m. to investigate shots that had been fired there.

This weekend’s shooting marks the second instance of gun violence and the eighth shooting this month. Florida A&M University’s Rattler Pointe residences were the scene of a gunshot on Friday at 11:45 p.m., which was first reported by the school’s FAMU alert at 5:31 a.m. The notice indicated that there were no injuries and that the “scene is clear.”

Who is the suspect?

Following a gunshot that took place at the Mission Hills Apartments, 2425 Mission Hills Road, just before 6 o’clock, the Tallahassee Police Department is currently looking into a double homicide.

Officers found two adult females dead when they arrived on the site. Detectives were able to identify a suspect in the case using preliminary information. Antonio Brown, aka Antonio Body Man Brown, was identified as the suspect.

Suspect found dead

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown
found dead (Image source: Facebook)

The suspect’s car was found by police in another county, who then attempted a traffic stop. After that, the suspect passed away before being taken into custody.

Multiple agencies are still involved in this inquiry, which is still open and ongoing. We’ll post updates as new data becomes available.

Detectives are requesting that anyone who may have seen the incident but did not talk to an officer there phone 850-891-4200. They can phone Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS and remain anonymous.

Antonio Brown killed his girlfriend and her sister 

According to our investigation and the social media posts of the suspect’s acquaintances, Tallahassee resident Antonio Brown, also known as Antonio Body Man Brown, killed his wife and sister before killing himself.

We believe that he had a weak intellect and had little regard for his children. His mental fortitude was insufficient to deal with what he was going through.

Moreover, we learned about the victims via the messages posted by his family members on social media. There is currently no information available beyond that.

Also, at this moment, details about the accident’s specific circumstances are few. The incident is being investigated intensively by police authorities contributing to circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with his three children and family during this difficult time.

Nachath Yisrael, Antonio Brown’s brother and friend posted the following message after this tragedy:

Ion even know how umma deal with his blow heart. Tonio Antonio Bodyman Brown you will always be my brother regardless. Since school days you always kept it 1000 with me and had my back.

I asked Yah to forgive you for your actions. What occurred was nothing short of a tragedy, I just wish I could hv talked you outta it. You called me outta love and respect, I just wish you would hv listened to me.

Some relationships just isn’t healthy and isn’t worth it. When turned 18 you went to jail and I remember you telling me that prison isn’t for you, so when you said that it’s over, you’re not joining me, I knew you was serious, but I tried and cried brah. I love you brah… I hate what happened, but still you’re my brother. My heart goes out to all 3, not just brah.

View some responses from people to this tragedy

Keith Shawn wrote,

Man just saw a video of a guy un-alive himself on FB Live. Un-lived his girlfriend and her sis from what they saying on Mission Road. The devil is walking the earth. What is the world coming to #rip Antonio Bodyman Brown #prayers #healtheworld.

Quentez Logan wrote,

Man Antonio Bodyman Brown boi u got me numb frfr – I’m praying for his kids and family man this hurt frfr – you got Tally shaken off this one — with Maserati Que.

Jessica Smith wrote,

Y’all I just witnessed one of my Facebook friends k*ll himself on life I can’t believe what I saw Antonio Bodyman Brown.

Aquervious J Wilson wrote,

WTH. He rather ends himself before he goes to jail. Wonder what they did to deserve that even though no one deserves to go out like that


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4 thoughts on “Man kill himself on FB live after killing his girlfriend and her sister on mission road, Tallahassee”

  1. WTH. Antonio bodyman brown I just can’t believe you did this. Nothing and I mean nothing was worth doing what you did then taken your own life. You were an awesome man. I enjoyed the days Chris would come and help you on those vehicles you were so sweet. R.i.p. Antonio. Prayers for your kids. I know they are some kind of hurting.

  2. To the author of this post. Please find some decency in your heart to remove the picture of his lifeless body after committing these horrifying acts of tragedy. I find it disrespectful to post this picture of someone’s father, son, brother, friend and mock comments about someone mental state. Yes, what he done is wrong and beyond comprehension because he is no longer here to defend his mental state or actions. None of the parties (the women, kids & him) deserves what happened. But to know his kids will have to pay for his heinous crime (grief, anger, quilt, mother/fatherless, blame etc) the least they should have to worry about is someone posting their father lifeless body this atrocious crime. If you’re going to use your platform, use it responsibly and positively as a way to teach, inspire, motivate, and support others.

  3. I’m So Heartbroken 💔 By This tragedy No one Deserves to feel the pain that these families going through…Antonio wasn’t a bad guy he was going through something that none of us could understand but that doesn’t excuse his actions, I’m still in disbelief and I’m ready to wake up from this nightmare…My Prayers & condolences 💐 Goes out to all the families involved and most definitely the kids because no one knows how this tragedy has changed these babies LIFE FOREVER


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