Lil Sodi death: Rapper died after a tragic car accident, Know everything about the crash


Lil Sodi Rapper died after a tragic car accident
Lil Sodi Rapper died after a tragic car accident (Source: Facebook)


American rapper and musician Madsodi Simpson, well known by his stage as Lil Sodi regrettably passed away on Friday, August 4, 2023, as a result of a fatal car accident.

He became famous by working with musicians with opposing gang affiliations and engaged in conflict with Nipsey Hussle. Lil Sodi’s legacy emphasizes the music industry’s camaraderie and the tragic conclusion of a promising career.

The loss of this young and talented performer has greatly affected the music industry and admirers throughout the world. Here’s what we know everything about the crash and Lil Sodi cause of death.

Lil Sodi passed away in a car accident

Lil Sodi, a rapper from South Los Angeles, passed away on Friday, August 4, 2023. NoJumper, a credible social media news outlet, and YouTuber Adam22 both confirmed the loss of the aspiring artist.

By posting a picture with the rapper, YouTuber Adam22 verified the information. Jose, his nine-year-old son, passed away only a few months ago.

Tragically, the singer was killed in a car accident. Since then, admirers have used the internet to honor the budding celebrity.

Lil Sodi cause of death

California has lost another major asset Madsodi Simpson aka lil sodi from 83Gangsta. A tragic car accident tragically ended Lil Sodi’s bright career.

He unexpectedly passed away, leaving a vacuum in the music industry and among his followers. The information that was available did not include specifics about the accident or the death’s exact cause.

There are currently few specifics regarding the events surrounding the accident. Police authorities are looking into the incident very closely to determine the circumstances. We would like Lil Sodi’s family and friends to know that they are in our hearts and prayers during this trying time.

The tragic and sudden death of a loved one comes as a big shock to everyone involved. We send our profound sympathies and steadfast support and understand the pain and sorrow that come with such a life-altering loss.

Lil Sodi’s last Instagram Post

Neither his family nor his team has released a statement to announce his passing. Videos of him hanging out with friends on his Instagram stories appeared to have been taken just hours before he passed away.

His most recent Instagram post, which was published on July 23, was a promotion for his August 3rd album release, Too Good For Hell Too Bad For Heaven. 

Who was Lil Sodi?

Lil Sodi was a gifted American rapper and performer from South Los Angeles’ West Side. He acquired notoriety in the music business after signing with 100 Entertainment, a record label established by Bigfase 100 of the Compton-based street gang Cedar Block Piru.

He was born and reared in a neighborhood dominated by the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. Lil Sodi, whose stage name was “Big Sodi,” began singing while serving time in the California Division of Juvenile Justice.

Later, he adopted the rap genre, releasing two mixtapes under the 100 Entertainment label before signing with Corporate Thug Entertainment, which was founded by well-known rapper Young Jeezy.

Watch Video: Lil Sodi Talks CW Speaking On The Loss Of His Son. “He Crossed The Line, He Gotta See Me” on Holdin Court Podcast.

Know more about his career

Lil Sodi was featured, “16 or better cypher” (L.A. addition) Dre Vishsis of Grape Street Watts Crips and Lil Benzo of Hat Gang Watts (crips) as well as Boobie Soprano from Gardena Shot Gun Crips and K-Boy from 48 Gangster Crips.

Lil Sodi is noted for working with blood rappers like P-Smurf of Denver Lane Bloods, who made his debut on Spider Loc’s “Bloodiful World” (remix) while being a member of the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.

Additionally, he collaborated on tracks with Compton Menace (Fruit Town Piru) and Suga Buga from Weirdoz Bloods. Suga Buga is well recognized for his work with the Damu Ridas, Bloods & Crips, and The Relativez.

He made friends with Boskoe 100 of the Queen Street Bloods, an Inglewood, California-based street gang. The project “The Best Of Both Rags” by Lil Sodi and Bigfase 100 makes reference to the blood (red rags) and crips (blue rags).

The project is an exact replica of the rap group Bloods & Crips from the 1990s, which was created by Bloods and Crips in real life.

Feud With Nipsey Hussle

In 2010, Lil Sodi’s “Hard In The Paint” (remix), a song originally performed by Waka Floka Flames, had insults directed at Nipsey Hussle (“F**k Nipsey”) and the Rollin 60s Neighbourhood Crips (“We don’t like sissies”).

On the song “Same Hoes” (“Your p**sy getting beat up like Sodi”) off Game’s mixtape OKE (Operation Kill Everything), Nipsey Hussle responded in 2013. This conflict is gang-related rather than personal or the consequence of a fight.

Nipsey Hussle hails from the Rollin 60s Neighbourhood Crips, while Lil Sodi is from the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. Hence, these two gangs are bitter rivals who have been at odds since the 1970s, long before the two rappers were even born.

According to sources, Sodi and Hussle were from different gangs, the Rollin 60s Neighbourhood Crips and the Crips, and the animosity was not personal but rather gang-related.

Lil Sodi has put out a number of noteworthy albums over his career, including “The Best Of Both Rags” in 2013 and “Chevy Music” in 2012.

Fans mourn Lil Sodi’s death

His fans found it hard to accept the rapper’s passing. Twitter and his official Instagram feed @orangutan_sodi were flooded with tributary messages from internet users. A few online comments stated the following:

One fan wrote,

Boy oh boy‼️🤯😭💔 SOLID. GET YOUR REST BRO. One of a kind. Thank you for pressing the line for me. God bless your family. I don’t even have no more words. Love u foo💙

The second one wrote,

I Love You Big Cuzzo….And I Thank You For Every Opportunity You Gave Me Coming Up…Even Though Our Family Lost Another Member. Heaven Has Gained Another Angel…Fly High Cuzzo 🕊️🙏🏽💙

The third one wrote,

Damn just watched u hanging out to them saying you’re gone 💔 unbelievable. T.I.P. to a real one. Always showed me love 🙏🏾 Rest Easy my nigga 💙💙💙

LeeAnna Wright wrote,

The worst news I ever got today is losing my Uncle Lil Sodi I will always remember you telling me “I will always be there for you no matter what, You’re my niece and I’m not going to let nobody mess with you” I will always keep that in my heart forever and ever I love you with all my heart and never forget about you until we meet again and please tell Uncle Tiny JLoc and Tiny Solo that I said Hi and I love them T.I.P Uncle Lil Sodi.

Another person wrote,

Unbelievable just when you get things figured out 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾just knowing there is a heaven for the Tru RIP Sodi.

Medico Topics extends our deepest condolences to Lil Sodi’s family and fans during this difficult time. Let us be a source of strength and comfort for one another as we navigate through this painful journey of grief and remembrance.


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