Leomuamoko oel death: Borneo culture enthusiast and performer dies after a brief illness


Leomuamoko oel Borneo culture enthusiast and performer died
Leomuamoko Oel Borneo culture enthusiast and performer died (Source: Facebook)


Leomuamoko Oel was a remarkable person and a true cornerstone of Borneo culture and tattoo art. He recently passed away. Leo was revered as a powerful figure in Borneo culture and tattoo art.

His legacy of kindness will forever be etched in the annals of time. May his soul rest in peace. Keep scrolling to learn more details about him and Leomuamoko Oel death.

Leomuamoko Oel passed away

As per the official reports, it was confirmed that Leomuamoko Oel Borneo culture enthusiast and performer dies after a brief illness. 

Felix Dixon Owner/Tattoo Artist at High Blood Ink and friend of Leomuamoko who lives in Miri, Sarawak confirmed the passing news of Leo by posting the following statement on his official Facebook page,

RIP Elder Leomuamoko Oel. A very strong Figure in tattoo and Borneo Culture. A very cool person and very passionate about what he is doing. Farewell bro and see u in another dimension.

Cause of death

A true pillar in the realms of tattoo art and Borneo culture has died. Since the news of his death spread online, many people have been saddened and are now interested in learning what caused it.

Leomuamoko was diagnosed with low blood pressure and received hospice care for months, according to our investigation. It is not known if his death was directly related to these medical issues or if other unforeseen circumstances occurred.

However, it is essential to await an official announcement before drawing any conclusions. As the family’s privacy must be respected during this difficult time, detailed updates regarding the cause of his death may not be immediately available.

Also, during hospice care, someone asked him to say something to the world, and  Leomuamoko replied, “Fight and Never Give Up”

If we learn anything regarding his cause of death, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Loved ones thank him for the great memories & stories. Also, they expressed that he has been keeping their culture alive and renowned.

May his soul find eternal peace and may his memory be a source of comfort and solace. Numerous people have since sent their sincere sympathies to her family and friends and paid respect to Leo on social media. 

Borneo culture 

Borneo is a great example of a place where tolerance of religious and political views can create a peaceful and respectful society. The population is approximately split between Islam 60%; Buddhist 19%; Christian 9%; Hindu 6%. Many of the indigenous groups, such as the Penan, are Christian.

Art Street Theatre presents ‘The Dream Wanderers’

Dream Wanderer (2019) is an interdisciplinary street theatre, dance & performance art project collaboration choreographed by Ashly Nandong – an independent visual & performance art artist.

Kenyah folksong singing, music arrangement, and composition by Ezra Tekola – an ethnomusician of the world music band At Adau.

And a shape Borneo boat lute luthier, storytelling by actor and ethnographer Leomuamoko Oel, Iban chanting and Iban dance by ritual performer Louis Samai, Gong beats by musician Eddie Jahovah – all three of Iban cultural preservation group Suku Menoa.

Condolences posted online by Leo’s Loved ones

Richie Decandale Ensali wrote,

Rest in peace Leomuamoko Oel. You’ll be missed by all of us. Goodbye, old man. It’s a great time and memories. Thank you for your beautiful storytelling and the advice you gave me since I was just a kid yoyo. 

Tracey Udos Hughes wrote,

He always had the best jokes, the best storytelling. Will cherish the memories with Leo… Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace Leomuamoko.

Nick Gwen Est wrote,

Sad to hear the news today that my dearest Friend, A Brother.., My Soma… Leomuamoko Oel has Left this Earth for Heaven.. May ur Soul Rest in Peace, soma.. Thank u so much for all the Memories that u have given us all.


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