Karlton Noah Balloon Accident – How did he die? Cause of death Explained

Karlton Noah Balloon Accident - How did he die? Cause of death Explained

A TERRIFIED mother who lost her five-year-old son after a helium balloon became tangled around his neck has urgently issued a warning to parents. Let’s see what happened, how did he die and what was his Karlton Noah Donaghey cause of death.


How did Karlton Noah Donaghey die?

Karlton  Noah Donaghey Tragically died after the inflatable got caught over his head at his family’s Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, home.

On June 23, when he attempted to get inside the dinosaur-shaped balloon, his grieving mother Lisa Donaghey, 43, discovered him there.

Karlton was unconscious when the 43-year-old arrived to check on him after using the restroom.

He was on the floor with the balloon covering his head and neck when she entered, she recalled.

He was the same size as a dinosaur balloon, which was what it was.

“I believe he camouflaged himself inside the balloon as a dinosaur in order to surprise his nieces outdoors. I screamed as I pulled the balloon away from him.

The child received CPR on-site before being airlifted to Newcastle-upon-Royal Tyne’s Victoria Infirmary (RVI).

Karlton was in The Great North Children’s Hospital for six days in critical care until his ventilator was regretfully turned off on June 29.


Karlton Noah Donaghey cause of death

Mum-of-four After losing her youngest son, Lisa is now anxiously alerting parents about the risks associated with helium balloons.

Karlton’s death is thought to have been caused by inhaling the gas, but the coroner has not yet verified this.

“It’s a poison that can take a life in seconds,” Lisa told ChronicleLive. It’s extremely risky.

“It took my son’s life; all he wanted to do was pretend to be a dinosaur.” Both children and adults might die as a result of it.

“I urge everybody who has come into touch with helium—parents, grandparents, babysitters, adults, students—to exercise caution while using and dispose of it.

“A wonderful 5-year-old was stolen from us too soon, and I would never ever impose this grief on everyone,” the speaker said.

She described how, before to the catastrophe, she and her children Kaitlin, 25, Joe, 20, Will, 15, and Karlton had been enjoying the pleasant weather in the garden.

The patio door, I believe I carried him to. As his mother, I was aware that he was dead and not breathing.

“He was pallid and had wide-open eyes.”

My son was only trying to playfully be a dinosaur when it took his life. Both children and adults might die as a result of it.

Six days previously, after visiting The Hoppings amusement park, the mother had bought the five-year-old and his father Karl Donaghey, 35, the sizable green balloon as a treat.

Karlton had spent a fun-filled day on the rides for the first time, which was a horrible twist of fate.

“I couldn’t bring myself to enter again. My young son was undergoing treatment. I was paralysed with panic and fear.

“The ambulance arrived in four minutes, but it felt like four hours.”

When Lisa first arrived at the hospital, a specialist broke the heartbreaking news that her baby was in “a extremely poor situation.”

“I simply struck the floor, I couldn’t get up,” she remarked. “My baby son, my baby boy,” I sobbed. It was absolutely awful.

Prior to the doctors telling Karlton’s family that there was nothing more they could do to rescue him, he started having seizures while receiving critical care.

He was attempting to continue fighting, but Lisa sobbed: “I knew he was fighting with only a small bit of energy; it was draining him completely.


“I advised him to stop being so bold and turn in. I’m capable of surviving without you and making you proud.

“I encouraged him to close his eyes and relax and to not worry about his mother. I swore to my little son that I wouldn’t let it break me.

As a mother, I was aware that I would not be bringing him home. Just being thankful for the six days I got to spend with him.

Lisa bought a dog that his pleaded for before his tragic death as a tender remembrance of a loved son.

In honour of the giraffe mascot at The Great North Children’s Hospital, she poignantly gave him the name Fudge.

He’s provided us all such great comfort, and he’s helping me get through it, said Lisa. He is charming and utterly naughty.



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