Jason Momoa Accident – What happened, How is Jason Momoa now?

Jason Momoa Accident

Momoa escaped the collision unscathed. Before colliding with Momoa’s automobile, the motorcycle driver, according to California Highway Patrol, drifted into the oncoming lanes. Let’s see Jason Momoa Accident.

How did the accident happen?

According to the claim, the rider was only slightly hurt after rolling over the truck and bouncing off Momoa’s windshield. Momoa, 42, was unharmed, according to TMZ.

Jason Momoa Accident

On a twisting road in the Los Angeles region, actor Jason Momoa collided head-on with a motorcyclist over the weekend. However, no one was seriously hurt, according to a report on Sunday.

The “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones” actor’s Oldsmobile was struck on the front left side when a motorcycle rider stepped into his lane, according to TMZ.

Where did the accident happen?

The motorcyclist ran into Momoa’s car’s left front corner. Avagimyan was knocked off the bike.

Crews from the Los Angeles Fire Department and CHP arrived on the site. According to police, Momoa assisted the motorcyclist, signalled a passing motorist to dial 911, and waited with Avagimyan until assistance arrived.

How is Jason Momoa now?

Over the weekend, actor Jason Momoa collided with a motorbike; both people are said to have avoided major injury.

According to CHP, Avagimyan was treated at Northridge Hospital. Momoa was unharmed in the collision. The cause of the collision is still being looked into by CHP.

People’s reaction to Jason’s accident

Warnernan said,

I think even Jason Momoa would be embarrassed by this one-sided headline. Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean he gets top billing in a motorcycle vs car accident. Geez. Media stinks.

Fly FM said,

The biker suffered minor injuries after bouncing off Momoa’s windshield and rolling over the vehicle, according to the report. Momoa, 42, was not injured.

st sane ozulumba said,

Jason Momoa accident: Actor involved in crash with motorcyclist in Calabasas, no serious injuries reported, CHP says

Fox 11 Los Angeles said,

Momoa was not injured in the crash. California Highway Patrol says the motorcyclist veered into the oncoming lanes before hitting Momoa’s car.


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