Is Sir Trill alive or dead? Death hoax, explained

Sir Trill
Sir Trill


Tumelo Mzwakhe Zwane, an Amapiano artist better known by his stage name as Sir Trill, was rumored to have died. Let’s see what happened to the music artist in detail.

What happened to Sir Trill?

The reports came out that Sir Trill has died. However, it was later confirmed that the artist had not died. Sir Trill, a South African rapper, singer, and producer, shared that he lost hope in the music industry.

Recently, he has spoken out about being taken advantage of and going broke after years of producing successes without getting paid anything from them.

When Trill disclosed what has been affecting him emotionally and mentally, he shocked his followers.

He took to Twitter to reflect, where he said he had apparently not received any money for the songs he had worked on.

Sir Trill

Sir Trill has outspoken about his issue:

He tweeted that he was in a desperate state saying,

“It’s tiring and mentally damaging.” So many hits and I’ve never seen a cent. I’m tired.”

The hitmaker stated that he was aware of the consequences of telling his tale.

“Never been an artist that talks much or exposes much. This will definitely be a joke to some of y’all. Which I understand. But, it’s mentally damaging and exhausting. “What are we working so much for?” he wrote.

His supporters pleaded with him to enlist business assistance.

“You can’t be everything, you are a creative artist, your songwriting and vocals untswembu bhuti … Please allow other people to take care of the business side of things,” one follower wrote.

Death hoax:

The South African artist tweeted that he had lost hope in his music career as he had not received any cents.

Trill hinted that he was having problems releasing a project and thought it was past due in a series of tweets, implying that nameless individuals were getting in the way.

“Thank you to everybody who genuinely supports ‘Sir Trill’. This will probably be my last tweet.”, he wrote.

The John Wick hitmaker claimed that he once had a song with Mpura. He was planning to release an album called Ghost in February of this year.

“I should have dropped a project for y’all last year. Think about it. It didn’t make sense that I didn’t drop. Niggas were trying to stop me. You guys come 1st to me. Sir Trill is nothing without y’all” .

“Let’s see them try to stop this project now.”

After this tweet, several netizens claimed that he had committed suicide. The death news was shared throughout social media platforms. When the rumors spread out, several artists shared their tributes.

Is Sir Trill alive:

Number of online sources rumoured about the death of Amapiano star, Sir Trill that he was died.

Death rumors spread online. But later, the artist himself took his social media handle to announce that he was alive.










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