Is Purple Aki dead or alive? Know everything about the bodybuilder’s death

Purple Aki
Purple Aki was found dead


Some reports claims that Akinwale Arobieke popularly known as Purple Aki was no more. Read on to know whether he is alive or dead.

Is Purple Aki alive?

Some news are spreading across social media that “Purple Aki,” a notorious figure known for muscle touching, was discovered dead in his Liverpool flat.

According to some unknown resources, it was found that the infamous figure known as “Purple Aki” has been found dead in his Liverpool flat.  However, there is no official confirmation on his death yet.

Some social media users confirm hat he is alive and the news spreading is only fake news. So, it is not yet confirmed that Aki is dead.

Who is Purple Aki?

“Purple Aki” whose actual name was Akinwale Arobieke known for his odd behaviour. The man, who was born Akinwale Arobieke, became well-known for allegedly approaching people and touching their muscles.

His demise has spurred debates regarding his life, deeds, and the nuanced impact he had on his neighbourhood.

Arobieke’s nickname, “Purple Aki,” arose from his affinity for purple clothing. His alleged preoccupation on stroking people’s muscles was one of the many urban tales and rumours that followed him over the years. Due of these accusations, he attracted both curiosity and horror, earning him a dubious reputation. 

He earned popularity and became an urban legend in the North-West of England for his rare compulsions. 

Throughout the 1980s, Aki was observed chasing teenage rugby players, urging them to touch their muscles to pose for him and even giving them training advice.

Odd behaviour:

After multiple incidences where Aki is said to have reportedly prayed on both teenagers and professional rugby players alike, what had initially appeared to be innocuous and hilarious gradually took a dark turn. 

Purple Aki’ emerged an urban legend among those growing up in the Northwest of England in the 1990s, when youngsters would tell tales about a man who would want to feel your muscles. With his distinctive plastic bag in hand, Aki was frequently spotted wandering between northern train stations, and soon he was little more than the punchline of inside jokes in Liverpool, Manchester, and North Wales.

Aki periodically appeared again in neighbourhood newspapers following several run-ins with the cops. In addition, he was prohibited from doing squats for strangers and from touching, feeling, or measuring muscle beginning in 2006. Aki was forbidden from waiting near schools and gyms, and from going into Warrington, Widnes, and St. Helens, which are known for having excessive rugby presence.


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