Is Oslo Mass Shooting related to terrorism? Everything we know so far

Oslo Mass Shooting

The suspect, a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen who is originally from Iran, was detained, according to investigators, but his motivation is still unknown. Let’s see Oslo Mass Shooting.

Oslo Mass Shooting

Two people were killed and 10 others were critically injured when a shooter opened fire in Oslo’s nightlife area early on Saturday. Police are looking into whether this may have been a terrorist incident during the annual Pride festival taking place in the Norwegian capital.

According to investigators, the suspect, a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian ancestry, was apprehended after opening fire at three different sites in the heart of Oslo.

Oslo Pride organizers postponed a march that was scheduled for Saturday as the culmination of a weeklong festival, while the reason why is unknown. Just hours before the parade was scheduled to start, one of the shootings took place in front of the London Pub, a bar popular with the city’s LGBTQ community.

Based on the number of victims targeted at various locations, according to police attorney Christian Hatlo, the suspect is being held on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and terrorism.

What is the mental state of the Suspect?

Hatlo stated, “Our overall view is that there is reason to assume that he intended to instill severe fear in the populace. Hatlo declared that authorities were also looking into the suspect’s mental state.

“If he has a medical history, we must review it. We’re not aware of it at the moment, “added said.

Around one in the morning local time, shots were fired, sending terrified partygoers running into the streets or attempting to hide from the shooter.

A journalist with the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK Olav Roenneberg claimed to have seen the shooting. “I observed a man enter the area carrying a bag. He pulled out a gun and began firing, “told NRK Roenneberg. “I initially believed it to be an air gun. I realized I needed to run for cover when the glass of the bar next door broke.”

Are there 2 shooting victims?

Two shooting victims passed away, according to police inspector Tore Soldal, while 10 other individuals were being treated for significant injuries, none of which were thought to be life-threatening.

He claimed that although the shooting’s motivation was unknown, the LGBTQ community had been shaken and grieved as a result. Gahr Stoere wrote, “You have our full support.

Christian Bredeli, who was at the pub, told the Norwegian newspaper VG that he and a group of about 10 people hid on the fourth floor until they were told it was okay to go. He claimed that “many were afraid for their lives.” We realized that a severe incident had occurred when we observed several injured persons on the way out.

TV2 in Norway aired footage of panicked Oslo residents running down the streets as gunfire could be heard in the distance.

What Norwegian Prime Minister said?

In a Facebook post, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere referred to the shooting outside the London Pub as “a brutal and extremely shocking attack on innocent people.”

Police and Norway’s security police were both aware of the suspect, according to the investigators, but not for any serious violent offences. According to Hatlo, the man had a drug offence and a weapons conviction for carrying a knife on his criminal record.

What weapons are taken to police custody?

Hatlo claimed that two weapons were taken into custody by police following the attack: a handgun and an automatic rifle, both of which he categorically referred to as “not modern.”

He claimed the suspect was in communication with a defence attorney and had not provided any statement to the police.

Hatlo argued that it was too soon to determine whether the shooter specifically targeted LGBTQ people. We need to investigate that further; at this point, we are unsure, he said.

However, authorities advised Pride festival organisers to postpone the parade on Saturday.

What happened in Oslo?

“Oslo Pride, therefore, requests that everyone who intended to take part in the parade or watch it not show up. There will be no events related to Oslo Prides “On the event’s official Facebook page, the organisers made a statement.

Although Norway has a low crime rate, right-wing extremists have carried out violent assaults there, including one of the bloodiest mass shootings in European history in 2011, when a shooter killed 69 people on the island of Utoya after detonating a bomb in Oslo that also killed eight.

A second right-wing fanatic opened fire in a mosque in 2019 after killing his stepsister, but he was stopped before anybody was hurt.


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