How did Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini Die? Cause of death

How did Vaele Paiaaua Iona Sekuini Die

How did Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini Die: Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini, Samoa’s Associate Minister of Agriculture, has died.

Who was Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini?

Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini was a Associate Minister of Agriculture in Samoa.

When the FAST party took control of the government, Va’ele was appointed as the chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

After several years of working and living in Apia, he decided to return to his home village of Matvai, Safune in Savai’i, where he established a plantation and a retail store.

“When I returned to Savai’i, I started my own plantation and found that there is a lot of wealth hidden there in our soils,” Va’ele told the newspaper following his election victory.

Va’ele was also recently appointed to the Special Parliamentary Committee tasked with investigating flaws in the Land and Titles Court Act 2020.

Cause of death

How did Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini Die: According to the Samoa Observer, a member of the Fa’atuatua I le Atua Samoa ua Tasi party (FAST) confirmed that the first-time MP for Gagaifomauga 2 electoral constituency, Va’ele Paia’aua Iona Sekuini, died unexpectedly this morning.

The cause of death of the farmer who won the seat in the April 2021 General Elections was not revealed yet.

His wife Matimaivasa and their children survive him.

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