How did Seals & Crofts Jim Seals die? Cause of Death Explained

Seals and Crofts were an American soft rock duet consisting of James Eugene “Jim” Seals. At the age of 80, he passed away. Let’s see how did he die, and what was Jim Seals Cause of Death.

Jim Seals Cause of Death

“Jim Seals of Seals & Crofts, of Seals & Crofts, passed away today in Nashville.” Hummingbird, Summer Breeze, We May Never Pass This Way Again, and Diamond Girl are just a few of the amazing songs he wrote throughout his generation.

Most of the time, we get our knowledge through social media posts or tributes paid to someone who has recently passed away on social media.

Jim Seals Early Life

Seals were born in Sidney, Texas, while Jim was born in Texas. Crofts met him when he was a drummer in a local band. Seals later joined Dean Beard and the Crew Cats, where he played saxophone; Crofts then joined Seals in the band. They came to Los Angeles with Beard to join the Champs, but they didn’t do so until the group’s “Tequila” hit No. 1 in 1958. In 1959, Seals was a member of Eddie Cochran’s touring band.

Jim Seals Career 

Seals was born in 1941 in Sidney, Texas. Seals was a former member of The Champs, but he rejoined after the success of their song “Tequila,” which also featured Glen Campbell. Campbell then toured with Eddie Cochran before forming Glen Campbell and the GCs, which included Seals and Crofts.

The second album, ‘Summer Breeze,’ gave Seals & Crofts their big break. Summer Breeze, the album’s title track, hit No. 6 in the United States and No. 16 in Australia in 1972.

The album ‘Diamond Girl’ was certified gold in the United States. ‘Diamond Girl’ (1973) and ‘We May Never Pass This Way (Again)’ were two of the album’s biggest singles. In Australia, ‘I’ll Play For You’ (1975) was also a Top 40 hit.

After being dropped by Warner in 1980, Seals & Crofts stopped recording. They formally reunited for a year in 1991. ‘Traces,’ their first album since 1980, was released in 2004.

Dan Seals, Jim’s brother, is Dan & John Ford Coley in England. In the 2000s, Jim and Dan frequently performed as Seals & Seals.

Tribute to Jim Seals’s Death

Music Beat said,

Jim Seals, half of the duo Seals and Crofts, whose 1970s hits included ‘Summer Breeze’ ‘Diamond Girl’ & ‘Get Closer’ died June 6, 2022. No cause or place of death has been announced as of yet.

Susan A said,

Just read Jim Seals of Seals & Crofts passed away! I  their songs, esp Summer Breeze, We May Never Pass This Way Again & Windflowers–a song my artist brother Steve ment’d in his writings & one I had listened to just a few days before his passing.

Lorraine Hetu Manifold said,

Who remembers the amazing group Seals and Crofts? “Jim Seals of Seals & Crofts, passed away today in Nashville. One of the most wonderful singer songwriters of his generation who wrote songs like Hummingbird, Summer Breeze, We May Never Pass This Way again & Diamond Girl, 1/2
Cris Winter said,
Summer of ‘72 our AM radios were grooving to ‘Summer Breeze”. Ah I can smell the Coppertone. Sad to hear that we’ve lost Jim Seals / Seals & Crofts. Hummingbird, Diamond Girl, We May Never Pass This Way Again, Get Closer. #JimSeals was 80 years old.
Jason Elias said,
Seals and Crofts- They are one of my favorite acts, I have most of their albums, great work throughout. Jim Seals passed away in June 6th. I wrote about them for Rebeat Magazine a few years back and I had so much fun. RIP Jim Seals



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