How did Rye die? comedian Jimmy Rees nephew cause of death


How did Rye die? comedian Jimmy Rees nephew cause of death

Jimmy Rees, a distraught comedian, says that his nephew has passed away. Let’s look into How did Rye die and comedian Jimmy Rees nephew’s cause of death in detail

How did Rye die?

Jimmy Rees, an Australian comedian, has delivered the tragic news that his 11-year-old nephew has passed away.

He died quietly at 12:56 with his parents by his side. The personnel, physicians, and nurses of The Royal Children’s Hospital are outstanding!

“Rye-man, words cannot express how much we adore you; our hearts are aching.

“Your little brother and sister will carry on your strengths. Fly high and without discomfort. Always our baby!

Additionally, Rye’s family owns Oke The Label, an inclusive clothing line that supports youth and adults with disabilities.

Rye, Rees’ nephew, had cerebral palsy and several medical conditions throughout his life.

Rye would “live forever in our hearts,” Rees wrote in a tearful Instagram post.

The comedian added, “Yesterday, my nephew Rye passed away with his parents by his side.”

We cherish you, Rye. You may rest in peace and be pain-free. What a remarkable life of tenacity, bravery, and power.

“You have made an imprint on us all, and that mark will last a lifetime. “Uncle Jimmy will catch up with you shortly, buddy.”

Rye Mom posted, 

Our beautiful Rye-man grew his wings today 😇 He passed peacefully at 12:56pm with his Mum and Dad by his side. The Royal Children’s Hospital, doctors, nurses and staff are beyond amazing!

Our hearts are breaking and we can’t explain how much we love you Rye-man. Your strength’s will live on through your little brother and sister. Fly high and pain free 🧡 Forever our baby!

Jimmy Rees nephew’s cause of death

When Rees posted about Rye’s health back in 2018, money was gathered to assist with his medical care.

Rye was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of six months when it was determined that he had a stroke in utero, according to Rees at the time.

Rye’s road has been far from straightforward since that time.

“Until he was about two and a half years old, he was developing nicely, but ever since, he has been experiencing steady regression and skill loss.

The cause of Rye’s retreat has not been identified by his medical professionals. Rye currently suffers from severe physical, intellectual, and behavioral disabilities.

He is reliant on others for all activities of daily living, such as walking, eating, urinating, caring for himself, communicating, and keeping himself safe.

“Rye is fed through a PEG tube and is on several medications that need to be given often throughout the day and night.”

Who is Jimmy Rees?

James “Jimmy” Rees, an Australian children’s performer, was born on July 15, 1987. From 2009 to 2020, he starred as Jimmy Giggle on ABC Kids’ popular show Giggle and Hoot.

Rees relocated to the Central Coast of New South Wales at the age of 22 to play “Jimmy Giggle” in the ABC children’s program Giggle and Hoot, which was produced in ABC’s Ultimo studios.

Rees was born in Frankston, Victoria, grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, and then moved back to Victoria.

Lenny, Mack, and Vinny are the names of the three sons Rees and his longtime companion Tori have together.

Giggle and Hoot relocated from the Central Coast of New South Wales to the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria after Rees stopped with them.

Tributes to Rye 

we_are_the_donovans posted,

There is no pain in the world like the loss of a child 😭 a horrible club nobody ever wants to be a part of.

larsipop posted,

My heart has broken for you all. Sending strength ❤️

mandas_bubble posted,

I am so sorry to hear of your families loss 😢 RIP Rye ❤️

everitt1509 posted,

So heartbreaking to lose a child, sincere condolences x

sezzy_coco posted,

Sending you all so much love, your beautiful boy Rye lived an incredible life, inspired us all xxx ❤️❤️❤️

therealay posted,

So sad to hear this news. You have been so generous in sharing Ryes story with us. Thank you. What an incredible little boy he was. So much resilience. We were all touched by him in many ways. Go well Rye. Rest In Peace beautiful boy.

melbridgz posted,

So much suffering for one little person 💔 Rest In Peace Rye 🕊 Sending light + love to all those who miss you 🤍

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