How did People’s artist Qin Yi die? Cause of Death Revealed

How did People's artist Qin Yi die? Cause of Death Revealed

People’s artist Qin Yi Beijing, a Chinese veteran actor.  At the age of 100, she died of illness in Shanghai on the morning of May 9th. Her cause of death was illness. In “Railway Guerrilla,” Ma Lan in “Ma Lan Hua Kai,” and basketball in “Basketball No. 5”, Qin Yi persevered. Fanglin’s wife. Lin Jie along with many other famous female characters.

How did Qin Yi die?

According to CCTV, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee said on may 9th that actress Qin Yi, who was awarded the national honorary title of “People’s Artist,” died at 4:08 a.m. at an East China hospital. At the age of 100, she died of illness in Shanghai on the morning of May 9th.

Qin Yi’s early life

Qin Yi was born into a feudal family in Pudong, Shanghai, in 1922. Fortunately, the accountant’s father is more open-minded than many of her classmates’ families and regularly takes Xiao Qin Yi to the cinema. “You can watch a new movie for two cents,” he says. Light and darkness planted the seeds in the little girl’s heart at that moment. “Film is a truly unique art form; not only does it express people’s hearts through language, eyes, and expressions, but even a slight movement can do so.” I never wanted to do anything else after becoming a movie actor because of the world.”,

In Qin Yi’s words, being able to become a movie actor is owing to her “moving away from home.” On the advice of her classmates, 16-year-old Qin Yi left Shanghai in 1938, traveled to Hong Kong, then to Wuhan, Hubei, and proudly joined the anti-Japanese team. “At the time, I was young and stupid, and despite my family’s objections, I can say that I went to the front lines regardless of anything.” So, with the inadequate strength of a young girl, she served as a nurse, carried a stretcher, and supported the bleeding anti-Japanese warriors in front of her.

Qin Yi’s marriage life

She grew up in a large feudal family with one older brother and eight sisters, and she was a doll. In the most terrible of times, she was the only one who could make a living through filming. She previously had two failed marriages, one of which lasted only five years. Divorce, a long separation after kindness and heartbreak, and finally leaving her to care for her son on her alone.

She’s portrayed a variety of roles and left hundreds of new iconic feminine pictures. But it is perhaps she who has left the most resolute, brave, and attractive image to the times and Chinese films. There is a lifetime of ups and downs, hardship, courage and perseverance, never fear or weakness, and always gentle and calm.

Qin Yi a famous actress

Qin Yi was quickly found and directed by “revolutionary seniors” because of her good features. Her first solo picture was released in 1939.
Films such as “Good Husband” were made, and later plays were staged in Chongqing, Chengdu, and other cities. Her role as Huang Shuhui in “Rejuvenation of the Earth” in 1941 made her famous. Later, she appeared in “Spring and Autumn in Heaven,” “Minister of Imperial Consignment,” “Dong Xiaowan,” and “Marriage March,” among other plays. “A well-known charity.”

Qin Yi later returned to Shanghai to join the Shanghai Film Actors Troupe as deputy director. She went on to play various roles in her acting career after that, including the protagonist mother in “Mother,” Lin Ji in “Women’s Basketball No. 5”, and “Railway Guerrilla”. Yang Kaiyu, the heroine in the TV series “Under the Roofs of Shanghai,” is the wife of the anti-Japanese woman Fenglin.

People’s Artist

Qin Yi has appeared in over 40 films and television programs to date. Qin Yi, who is 97 years old, was named “People’s Artist” in 2019.


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