How did Lee Yee die? Hong Kong political writer cause of death Explained


Hong Kong political writer died: Well-known Hong Kong writer Li Yi died of illness in Taiwan. Let’s see how he died and Li Yi cause of death in detail 

How did Lee Yee die? Hong Kong political writer cause of death Explained

What happened to Li Yi?

Hong Kong Ming Pao Weekly said on its Facebook page on Wednesday that well-known Hong Kong writer Li Yi died of illness in Taiwan in the early morning of Wednesday 5th at 87.

Columnist Shen Xicheng said on Facebook today (5th): “Mr. Li Yi is gone, condolences.” “Hong Kong 01” confirmed the death of Li Yi from another source. In the evening, Li Yi’s two daughters updated the news on Facebook, announcing that their father passed away at 9:00 this morning in Taipei, and the funeral arrangements will be announced soon.

Li Yi has been active on Facebook in recent years, and writes “Memoirs of a Loser” on her Facebook every day, recording past events in Hong Kong and sharing her insights. His last article was published on September 15, titled “The Past I Want To Forget, But I Can’t Forget”, talking about the anti-amendment movement; on September 19, his Facebook posted a post saying “the author is ill. “Memoirs of a Loser” has been suspended for a few days. It’s fine, no worries, friends.”

Li Yi’s last Facebook post.

In my life, I served as the editor-in-chief of “70s” and “90s” for 28 years, and then wrote and edited for “Apple Daily” for 25 years. For more than half a century of writing career, nearly half of it was in “Apple”. In the “Inscription” of this column, I said that in terms of career, family, life, etc., my life is certainly not a failure, “but looking back on my life’s pursuit, I am constantly feeling the sadness of the destruction of ideals and the destruction of values. ”, from this point of view, is the “loser”.

Li Yi cause of death 

According to Li’s family members, Li Yi passed away after a prolonged illness. Li Yi cause of death was confirmed as a long-term illness.

Li Yi was admitted to hospital for heart disease in November last year

According to Stand News, Li Yi was sent to National Taiwan University Hospital for treatment due to a myocardial infarction on November 21, 2021.

At that time, it was reported that after several days of treatment, the condition became stable, the pulmonary hydrous was reduced, and the weight returned to normal. Coronary interventional surgery will be performed.

On December 24, Li Yi hou posted for the first time that he had generally recovered, saying that the serious illness had made him change his mind and could not succumb to death. He said that he was suspended for more than a month because of the phrase “The author of the memoir of a loser is suspended due to illness.”

Who was Li Yi?

 Li Yi (April 13, 1936 – October 5, 2022 ), formerly known as Li Bingyao, was born in Xinhui , Guangdong , and moved to Hong Kong in 1948. Li Bingyao is a former Hong Kong current affairs critic and freelance columnist. His pseudonyms include Li Yi, Shu Hua , Qi Xin , etc.

Li Yi was born in Guangzhou in 1936. Her ancestral home is Liantang, Xinhui , Guangdong . Her father is Cantonese film director Li Hua , her cousin is Cantonese film director Li Chenfeng , and her second aunt is Li Lilian , a well-known Shanghai film star. According to Li Yi, in the 1950s, his father Li Hua had contacts with Li Zisong, Cai Tingkai, and others. They were all people from the Kuomintang who later turned to support the Communist Party. He also stated that his father also participated in the peripheral organizations of the Communist Party of China. 

Early life

Li Yi lived in Beijing and Shanghai in her childhood, moved to Hong Kong in 1948, and graduated from Xiangdao Middle School in 1954.

During her studies, she longed for socialism. Later, he took part in the college entrance examination in mainland China but was unable to pass the entrance examination due to physical problems, so he stayed in a left-wing organization in Hong Kong as a data officer and editor. In 1970, he founded the magazine” 70s “. “Bandit”.

His professional life 

In 1981, Li Yi broke away from the left and turned to anti-communism. In 1984, he renamed the magazine “90s”, and in 1990 founded the “Taiwan Edition”. Banned as “pro-KMT”, Li Yi was the editor-in-chief of the magazine until it ceased publication in 1998.

Li Yi also participated in the operation of Tiandi Books. Later, he published an op-ed column in the anti-communist Hong Kong Next Media newspaper. In 2007, he was invited by Dong Qiao to write part of the editorial “Apple Review” of the Hong Kong Apple Daily.

He often criticized the Chinese Communist Party publicly. He is the author of political essay collections “Exile”, “Thoughts”, “Correspondence”, etc., and some of them are collections of column essays for “Apple Daily”, the content is mainly political comments and some lighter topics, such as movie reviews, book reviews, etc.

In addition, since 2003, Li Yi has served as the host of Radio Television Hong Kong’s first program “Reading in One Minute”, which has been broadcast so far (and since August 2020, Cen Yifei, Chen Fan, Huang Zicheng, and Xie Zuchi have also joined the host ranks, and alternately host weekly shows). Li Yi is a founding member of the Independent Reviewers Association (Association). 

He Starts a magazine 

“Companion” is completely an enthusiast-style publication. Li Yi and Wu Yangbi were the first to have a fever. The two wanted to create a relaxed, comprehensive publication that pursues knowledge and improves literacy. The bimonthly magazine “Companion” was officially published on January 1, 1963.

Following the success of “Companion”, the “Companion” magazine established a monthly pure literary publication “Literary Companion” on April 25, 1966. It clearly states: “In our minds, we don’t want to dress up literature and art as a lady that people love and keep away from, nor do we want to regard literature and art as a god that people keep away from, but only hope that literature and art will happen to your life. Make it your intimate partner.” In addition to book publications,

Partner Magazine also held photo sessionsconcertsauthor talks, and other literary and artistic activities. Although Mate Magazine is small in scale, it has contributed a lot to promote the publishing of local literature and the academic development of the younger generation. 

Personal life

His wife, Liang Liyi, was born in a family with a CCP background. She joined the Communist Youth League in her early years and met Li Yi when she was studying at Xiangdao Middle School. Liang Liyi once taught in Shenzhen, but was criticized during the Cultural Revolution for “reactionary motherly education for students”.

In 1970, she was accused of being a “Hong Kong spy husband” and was quarantined for several months. The couple was separated for many years. Ju, Liang Liyi died in 2008 at the age of 75. “Li Yi” is a pseudonym used when he was in love with his wife, Li Yi, who took the homonym of her name. Also used “Qixin” to publish articles.


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