Singer Larry Chance dies aged 82

Larry Chance
Singer and songwriter, Larry Chance passed away


Larry Chance, an American singer-songwriter best known as the frontman of the Earls, a well-known doo-wop band from the 1960s passed away. Read on to know more his death.

How did Larry Chance die?

Larry Chance, a well-known actor and writer, known for Northwest Passage, Rescue 8 and The Girl in Black passed away.

The DooWop Project posted this sad news in the following statement,

RIP Larry Chance the lead singer of The Earls. As most of you know we begin our show with the Doo Wop classic “Remember Then” originally sang by Larry. We stand on your shoulders Mr. Chance. Rest well sir. #rememberthisone? #larrychance #TheEarls

Larry Chance cause of death:

Larry passed away in his sleep on September 5, 2023. His death was announced by his president in the following social media statement,

As President of the Larry Chance and The Earls Fan Club since 2013, I want to express my deepest sympathy and heartfelt sadness at losing my dear friend, Larry Chance.

Larry was one of the kindest, and most giving, and funniest people I know. He lived his life doing what he loved most, and that was singing and making his audience laugh at his funny stories. He died peacefully in his sleep on this day, September 5, 2023.

Who was Larry Chance?

Larry was an American musician best known as the main singer of the 1960s doo-wop group Larry Chance and the Earls, formerly The Earls. Larry Figueiredo was born in 1940 in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, and his early steps into the world of music were heavily influenced by his environment.

Growing up in a place with a rich musical heritage, Larry’s love of music became clear from an early age. The rhythms of gospel, jazz, and the developing doo-wop flooded the streets of Philadelphia. His musical inclinations were significantly shaped by this environment.

The Doo-Wop Sensation is Larry Chance and the Earls. Larry and the Earls, a doo-wop group that would soon rule the world, first appeared in the late 1950s. The trio rapidly developed a sizable fan base thanks to their mellow tunes and soulful performances.

Larry’s Works:

Larry started The Hi-Hatters when he first moved to the Bronx in New York. The Earls were eventually given a new name, and Figueiredo adopted the surname Chance to honor the record company.

The Earls’ track “Remember Then” became a top 10 smash in the country in 1962. Other songs made their way onto the charts, such as “I Believe,” regarded as an East Coast classic, and “Never,” which peaked at number 10 on the local New York charts.

Some such recordings include “Looking For My Baby” and “Kissing”. Albums include “Remember Me Baby”, “The Earls: Today”, “The Earls – LIVE”, “Earl Change”, and “Streets of the Bronx”.

Tributes to Larry Chance:

Rhonda Sorrow tweeted,

RIP, Larry! You once sang”somewhere above there is a heaven”,and now you’re there! You will live on in our hearts and through your music!

Ivan Funkboy Bodley tweeted,

Rest well, dear Larry. Some people, besides being enormously talented & soulful, are just lovely to be around. He was just such a person. He always brought a smile to your face. Larry was one of the good ones. He will be sorely missed.

Billy Vera posted,

My dear friend since 1963 Larry passed away this morning in his sleep. This past year we finally got to make this wonderful record together. Rest in Peace my brother.

Alfred Zimmermann posted,

Sad to hear this. My condolences to Larry’s family, friends and his fans.


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