How did Joel Whitburn die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Joel Whitburn Cause of Death

Joel Carver Whitburn was an author and music historian from the United States. He passed away at the age of 82. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Joel Whitburn Cause of Death.

Joel Whitburn Cause of Death

Joel Whitburn, one of the most well-known chart historians of the last five decades, died at the age of 82.

According to Billboard, his longtime friend and coworker at Record Research, Paul Haney, confirmed the awful news on Facebook.

On Tuesday, the historian died “peacefully overnight,” according to him. Whitburn has been suffering from “some major health concerns recently,” he added.

The protégé didn’t go into detail about the author of the reference book’s medical condition.

According to Twitter speculation, he had some aging illness. Joel Whitburn Cause of Death yet no official information announced.

Joel Whitburn Early Life

Whitburn was born in the Wisconsin town of Wauwatosa. In his teens, he began collecting records and keeping track of their Billboard chart positions.

In 1970, he established Record Research Inc. in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and assembled a team of researchers to investigate all of Billboard’s music and video charts in depth.

Joel Whitburn Career

He has almost 100 entries in several series such as Top 40 Albums, Hits, Pop Singles, and others.

His works were a significant aid in the music industry because they offered reliable chart information on figures and records because the internet didn’t exist back then.

Record label executives, DJs, and musicians were all familiar with Whitburn’s work.

Because his work was so accurate, publicists and labels had a hard time falsifying their musicians’ chart achievements, which was a frequent practice in the 1970s.

Whitburn launched Record Research Inc. in 1970, according to the outlet. After producing multiple reference volumes on the Billboard charts, he has continued to make significant contributions.

After seeing the magazine for the first time on a trip with his mother, he became a Billboard devotee. He remarked in an interview with the site that he had no idea what the magazine was about.

“I grabbed it and began flipping through it, where I noticed all of these large, full-page advertisements for all of the artists I had heard on the radio… Then there are all these graphs “He recalled something.

He persuaded his father to pay $10 a year to subscribe to the magazine since he was so enthralled by his discovery.

“I originally subscribed in October 1953, and I don’t think I’ve missed an issue till today,” he said. “Every week, I eagerly anticipate it. I can’t imagine going a week without reading my Billboard “He went on to say.

In the mid-1960s, he worked for RCA as a record distributor, but he decided to leave to devote all of his time to research.

He was noted for having a huge record collection, in addition to being an avid Billboard Magazine enthusiast. In 2013, he boasted to former editor Larry LeBlack that he owned 200,000 45 rpm singles and every Billboard-charting album.


Tribute to Joel Whitburn’s Death

Fred Bronson said,

Sad news for chart fans everywhere. The world’s foremost chart historian, Joel Whitburn, has died at age 82. Condolences to his family and work colleagues. This is a big loss for anyone who loves the #Billboard charts and Joel’s excellent work over many decades.

James L Neibaur said,

SAD FAREWELL Fellow Wisconsinite Joel Whitburn, whose reference books on music, chart histories, etc, were incredibly helpful to those of us who do showbiz research has died at age 82. Fortunately I had the honor of meeting Mr. Whitburn and thanking him for his hard work. RIP.

Tom Lane said,

RIP the great Joel Whitburn. His chart books were more than just a run down of titles that appeared on the Billboard charts. These books are an invaluable resource of music history and facts told through chart stats. #AT40

Chris Molanphy said,

It’s a sad day in chartland today. Joel Whitburn was a titan in our field. I use his books 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗱𝗮𝘆—#HitParadePod would be quite literally impossible without him. If there is an afterworld, Joel is on top of a list at the pearly gates—No1 with a bullet and a star. R.I.P.

Robert hilburn said,

RIP: Joel Whitburn, who published the invaluable Record Research books which chronicled the American pop charts, has died. One of the warmest, most gracious people I met while pop critic of the Los Angeles Times. Will miss him. He was 82. #joelwhitburn
Jason Voigt said,
R.I.P. Joel Whitburn. He is mostly responsible for me being a music encyclopedia and lifelong fan of the medium. His research has helped shape the industry. I’ve always enjoyed reading his memories & thoughts on music, and no matter what he was excited about the next thing. (1/2)
Stephen Thomas said,
According to friend and colleague Paul Haney, chart guru Joel Whitburn has died at the age of 82. The chart books Whitburn published at Record Research are an invaluable resource, he will be missed.
Annie Zaleski said,
Lovely Joel Whitburn obit here from @AUgetoffmygold. “His accurate reporting also made it more difficult for publicists and labels to credibly fudge the chart achievements of their artists, a notoriously common practice in the early ’70s.”
Kent M. Beeson said,
RIP Joel Whitburn. Can honestly say he changed my life; there was even a time when I wanted to be him. I was literally going through this book minutes ago to make a Donna Summer playlist. Thank you for all your work, sir.
Brian Mansfield said,
Joel Whitburn’s “Top Country Singles” is always on my desk or by my side. At least a half-dozen of his books are within arm’s reach. I can’t think of anyone else whose books I reference literally every day. Met him by chance once, outside the Grand Ole Opry, a true thrill.

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