How did Jet Black die? The stranglers drummer cause of death revealed

How did Jet Black die? The stranglers drummer cause of death revealed

Jet Black, drummer with the Stranglers, business owner, and designer has died at the age of 84. Let’s see More details about Jet Black and his cause of death in detail.

Who Was Jet Black?

Before he joined The Stranglers, Jet Black was a simple individual. He was in the field of business as he owned ice cream vans, which were later utilized to travel the United Kingdom.

In the beginning, the band would meet at his off-licensing apartment and hang out there.

He also wrote two books about the band’s detention in France when they were accused of disturbing the peace throughout his career.

In addition to being a fantastic musician, he also created furniture and designed a bass drum pedal.

Anthony and Charlotte, as well as Jet Black’s wife Ava, are his two children.

Black’s Early career Journey

Black was a founding member of the Stranglers. He was founded in Guildford in 1974. His playing technique helped them establish their unique sound achieving 23 top 40 singles and 19 top 40 albums, according to the official UK charts.

The drummer, whose full name was Brian John Duffy, was one of the key members of The Stranglers as he was present when the band was formed in Guildford in 1974.
He was also one of the reasons why the band had such a unique sound due to his evident talent.

Their hits included Peaches, No More Heroes, and Golden Brown, which won the band an Ivor Novello award, while their third album, Black and White, from 1978, is still considered to be the first post-punk album.

Previous Health Issues

On the Stranglers’ website, it was revealed in March 2007 that Black suffered atrial fibrillation and had postponed performing with the group until he had recovered. 
In June, he rejoined the band and announced his retirement from touring outside of the United Kingdom due to health problems brought on by protracted travel. 
Black’s full-time drum technician Ian Barnard filled in for him while he was away (born 1983).

On 12 March 2012, Black was taken to hospital after “falling ill” shortly before a Stranglers concert at the O2 Academy Oxford.

He was again replaced by Barnard during the gig. The Stranglers announced the following day that he had been taken to hospital via ambulance after feeling unwell shortly after the band’s soundcheck.

It was confirmed that the illness was a “severe chest infection” but that Black intended to rejoin the tour when he was “fit and able”, however, he did not rejoin the tour due to a slow recovery.

Gig Absence

In mid-2008, he was again absent from several Stranglers gigs. It was shortly thereafter announced that he was suffering from chest problems and was “not rushing back to work” on the advice of his doctor. In September 2008, he returned to full rehearsals and began touring with the band on 13 October.

During the Stranglers’ 2010 and 2011 UK tours, Black performed at every gig. He played the full sets, which were approximately 90 minutes in length.

On January 30, he stated, “I’ve had a bit of problem, but I’m still playing gigs,” in an interview with BBC Breakfast. He filled in for The Stranglers’ touring drummer Jim Macaulay on early dates of the tour, performing about four songs, including “Genetix.”

These performances were, however, restricted to locations with stages big enough for two drum kits.

How did Jet Black die? The stranglers drummer cause of death revealed

Jet Black’s Cause of death

Drummer for The Stranglers Jet Black passes away at age 84 after “years of terrible health.” According to his representative, as reported by The Guardian, the singer spent his final years in North Wales to be near his friends and family while he suffers from an unidentified health ailment, but he’s been retired from the music industry since 2015 due to respiratory health issues.

He died “peacefully” after “years of ill health” on December 6, 2022.

The Stranglers Pay Tribute to Jet Black

The band’s bassist, Jean-Jacques Burnel, said “The welcoming committee has doubled. After years of ill health, Jet has finally been released. He was a force of nature. An inspiration. The Stranglers would not have been if it wasn’t for him. The most erudite of men. A rebel with many causes.”

Baz Warne, the Stranglers’ guitarist, said: “I loved Jet. He took me under his wing over two decades ago and I never really came out from under it. I’m so very sad he’s gone.”

Sil Willcox, the band’s manager, said: “He was the Jet force that launched the Stranglers. He was the Jet force that powered the band’s determination to get heard and get noticed.”

Tributes by the fans

Fans flocked to comment on the post as they offered their condolences.

Eternal tweeted: “Jet was such a driving force for the stranglers in so many ways, always had so much to say, a very knowledgeable and funny man who was ‘very good at quick roll on the skins’ in fact he was the best.”


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