How did Ciriaco De Mita die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Luigi Ciriaco De Mita, a 94-year-old Italian politician, passed away. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Ciriaco De Mita Cause of Death.

Ciriaco De Mita Cause of Death

Ciriaco De Mita, the former Prime Minister of Brazil, died at the age of 94. De Mita died in the middle of the night at Villa Dei Pini, a rehabilitation clinic in Avellino where he was being treated.

De Mita had just been re-elected mayor of Nusco, but on April 10th, he was admitted to Moscati di Avellino for an ischemic stroke.

He had previously undergone femur surgery, for which he was admitted to a rehabilitation hospital. Last February, he turned 94 years old.

Ciriaco De Mita’s Early and Personal Life

De Mita was born in the Avellinese hinterland of Nusco. De Mita became involved in politics as a young guy after joining Christian Democracy.

De Mita married Anna Maria Scarinzi, who was born on February 12, 1939, in 1958. He has one son and three children with Anna Maria. Antonia is the name of his son, who was born on December 23, 1967.

Giuseppe, born on May 10, 1969, Floriana, born on March 19, 1973, and Simona, born on April 21, 1974, are his three daughters.

De Mita’s Career

In 1956, he advanced through the ranks of the party, eventually becoming a member of its council.  In 1963, De Mita was elected as a member of Parliament.  In 1973, he was elected to the Italian cabinet.

De Mita became the party’s chairman in 1982, at a time when the party’s authority was waning. In 1986, he was re-elected with 60 percent of the party’s vote.

De Mita took a year after the 1987 elections to become Prime Minister. After that, he served as Prime Minister for a year while also remaining the party’s head. Senator Roberto Ruffilli, a De Mita advisor, was slain by Red Brigades in For on April 16, 1988, at the start of the service.

In May 1988, a new benefit for paid workers named “benefit for the family nucleus” was implemented.
In 1996, De Mita returned to Parliament after a two-year absence. Then in 2001 and 2006, he was re-elected. Later, he became a member of the Italian People’s Party and then Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy. He was the regional coordinator for Campania for the party.

De Mita was not re-elected to the Italian Senate after the 2008 elections. He was, ultimately, nominated as the party’s Campania coordinator. De Mita was elected to the European Parliament in the European election of June 2009. De Mita was elected mayor of Nusco, his hometown, on May 25, 2014.

Tribute to Ciriaco De Mita Death

Stefano Rossi said,

Ciriaco De Mita, Italian former Premier, and Secretary-General of “Democrazia Cristiana” party died at the age of 94. Still working as a mayor of Nusco, his death has ended an astonishing seventy-year career in politics.

Rosanna Raimato said,

Former Italian PM Ciriaco De Mita died this morning. My family is from his home district of Irpinia, Avellino, an area sharing the economic and other problems of the south. He was seen as a local hero of sorts, the ‘boy done good’ from one of the villages.
Guido Crosetto said,
Ciriaco De Mita died. I met him 40 years ago. He was a person of extraordinary intelligence and profound culture. I have traveled for miles walking in the ocean liner, back and forth, listening to him, always lucid. I will miss him. To God, Ciriaco.
Fediamanti said,
“Remember. In times of trouble, retreat to where you are strongest. If it’s your region, be the regional leader. If it’s your city, be the mayor. If you’re nowhere strong, go home to your wife.” And wait. ” Ciriaco De Mita 1928-2022
Marco Di Maio said,
Farewell to Ciriaco De Mita, former prime minister, and leader of the Christian Democrats. For many years he was “the Politics”. I want to remember him next to Senator Roberto Ruffilli, his trusted collaborator for constitutional reforms and for this murdered by the be.
Enzo Amendola said,
Ciriaco De Mita was prime minister, party secretary, historical figure of democratic Catholicism, a man of rare culture and sharp irony. Talking with him was a real intellectual pleasure. The earth is light to him.
Vincenzo De Luca said,
One of the leading exponents of democratic Catholicism in our country disappears with Ciriaco De Mita. He was the politician who represented the needs of Southern Italy and its land with greater consistency and tenacity.
Stefano Ceccanti said,
Ciriaco De Mita remembered that in 1989 he signed the new registry regulation of the registry legislation in which the notion of ‘registry family’ was perfected, i.e. of people living together for ’emotional ties’, of different sexes or of the same text and had been
Roberto Zichittella said,
Ciriaco De Mita, former prime minister and former leader of the DC, died. He was 94 years old. I was a young reporter when on an ocean liner he took you by the arm and explained the rava and fava with his arguments as an “intellectual of Magna Graecia” (cit. Gianni Agnelli)
Francesco Nicodemo said,
‘Remember. In times of trouble, retreat to where you are strongest. If it’s your region, be the regional leader. If it’s your city, be mayor. If you are nowhere strong, go home to your wife. And wait ‘. Wise, sharp, cultured. Farewell Ciriaco De Mita.


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