How did Christopher Pratt die? Cause of Death Explained

Christopher Pratt was a painter and printer from Canada. At the age of 86, he passed away. Let’s see how did he die, and what was Christopher Pratt Cause of Death.

How did Christopher Pratt die?

Over the course of his long and successful career, Pratt was dubbed one of Canada’s best painters, earning him appointments to both the Order of Canada and the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. His work can be found in museums and galleries around the country, including the National Gallery of Canada.

The glance out to sea, snow piled on an inverted dory, and bleak expanses of the Trans-Canada Highway are among the subjects of his decades of paintings and prints.

Christopher Pratt died early Sunday morning, according to his family’s statement, from what is considered to be a natural cause. Christopher Pratt Cause of death was unknown.

“He died as he intended, surrounded by family and friends in his 59-year-old home on the Salmonier River,” according to the family statement.

Christopher Pratt Cause of Death

Christopher Pratt, whose internationally acclaimed artwork projected a strange and enchanting atmosphere over the landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador, has died. He was 86 years old when he died. In a statement, his family stated he died early Sunday morning.

“He died as he intended, surrounded by family and friends in his 59-year-old home on the Salmonier River,” according to the family statement. He is survived by his four children as well as other relatives. Mary Pratt, a well-known painter who was described as his “best friend and occasional wife” in a family statement, died in 2018.

“It’s a great loss, to so many. A renowned artist has passed away in Canada “Emma Butler, Pratt’s friend and owner of the Emma Butler Gallery in St. John’s, agreed. Christopher Pratt cause of death was natural death.

Christopher Pratt Early Life

At Mount Allison University, Pratt met artist Mary West. John, Anne, Barbara, and Edwyn were their four children when they married in 1957. In 2005, the couple divorced. Christopher Pratt was born and raised in Newfoundland and Labrador’s St. Mary’s Bay.

His family life was notoriously complicated. Mary Pratt, who put her art career on hold to support her husband and raise their four children — John, Anne, Barbara, and Ned — would come to appreciate her incredible knack for turning the mundane into the sublime.

After decades of marriage, the two split, with Christopher remarrying, but their artistic connection and respect remained. “Both Mary and Christopher told me they saw quality, aesthetic excellence, and tremendous creativity in each other,” Smart added.

“They collaborated closely throughout their careers. Out of genuine respect, they reunited and would have talks that would impact one other’s artwork, especially near the end of both of their lives “Eagan stated.

Mary Pratt passed away in 2018 at the age of 83. In the same year, Christopher Pratt created Trongate Abstract, which was inspired by a tragic fire at his alma institution, Glasgow School of Art.

When you flip it over to the dedication on the back, “To Mary,” the seemingly cold composition hints at emotion. Eagan remarked, “His drawings are profoundly personal and deeply felt.”

“I’m sure a lot of people will look at his art and think, “Oh, it’s so chilly,” but it isn’t…. This is a method of recall. As a result, we’re staring at him when we look at his paintings.”

Christopher Pratt Career

In 1952, Christopher Pratt began painting using watercolours. In 1953, he enrolled at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, as a pre-medical student. He grew interested in Fine Arts, particularly painting, while at Mount Allison. Lawren P. Harris and Alex Colville encouraged him to paint.

Pratt took a job as curator at the newly opened Memorial University Art Gallery in St. John’s in 1961. He worked at the gallery for two and a half years before deciding to devote his full attention to painting and relocating his family to Salmonier, Newfoundland.

From the Confederacy to the design of the flag

Few easy answers can be found in Pratt’s works. Rather, they reward those who are prepared to spend time with them, as well as what they have to say about their love for Newfoundland and Labrador.

“This was his favourite spot. He adored this wild, unexpected, and breathtakingly gorgeous environment “Butler remarked.

“And he travelled it, painting it with care and affection. And if you couldn’t see the love and reverence in his paintings, you weren’t paying attention to what he was trying to communicate.”

Pratt was born in 1935, during the governmental grey era when Newfoundland ceded its self-governing status to the United Kingdom and functionally operated as a British colony until Confederation with Canada in 1949, as a result of his love.

In Newfoundland, both sides of Pratt’s family dated back generations, and many of them were adamantly opposed to joining Canada. Pratt became a Canadian at the age of 13 and frequently stated that he had deep memories and links with the period prior to Confederation.

Pratt was then chosen to design the provincial flag in 1980 when his painting career was in full swing (until then, the Union Jack had been doing the job).

Pratt used his well-known work ethic to create dozens of flag designs before settling on the one that is still in use today, which includes subtle allusions to the area’s British, maritime, and Beothuk history.

When the flag first arrived, it caused controversy, and Pratt was conflicted about it himself — he famously described himself as a reluctant “show doctor” who consented under duress to help break a political impasse over a design — but he was adamant on one issue.

In 1980, he told the CBC, “I did the best I could possibly do.” “I believe the committee might have identified a better designer, and I don’t argue that. But, modestly, I believe they would not have found anyone more concerned about the province.”

‘I enjoy what I do’ 

Pratt spent practically his entire life on Newfoundland’s east coast, but he left the province early to pursue higher education at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Medicine was short-lived. Pratt was drawn to the school’s fine arts department and was smitten by Alex Colville, an early mentor and teacher whose style impacted Pratt’s own.

Pratt met his future first wife, Mary, at Mount Allison, who was a gifted painter in her own right. They, along with painter Tom Forrestall, propelled the school of magic realism painting forward, establishing a force in Atlantic Canadian art that would define the national scene for decades.

The Pratts returned to Newfoundland with arts degrees from Mount Allison and the Glasgow School of Art, and Christopher began his career in earnest. His work was favourably welcomed from the start, and he was able to devote himself to his art, which he did prolifically for the remainder of his life, in addition to curating and teaching.

“What I do is something I genuinely enjoy. It isn’t something I perceive to be work. I’ve never done it before. It’s a rich, fulfilling hobby at which I’ve been fortunate enough to make a decent income – at least so far “In a 2015 interview, Pratt discussed his retrospective exhibit The Places I Go, which concentrated on a defining feature of his life and work: Newfoundland road journeys.

Tribute to Christopher Pratt’s Death

Judy Foote said,

NL has lost a cultural icon w/the passing of world renowned painter Christopher Pratt, 86 years old. As LG I had the pleasure to present him with the province’s highest honour in 2018, the ONL, His Honour & I extend sincere sympathy to his family on behalf of the ppl of NL.

Seamus O’Regan said,

Canada has lost of one its greatest painters. Our Province has lost a son, who spent his life seeking our essence, the very creator of our flag.

Nelson White Art said,

Very sad to hear of the passing of the great Christopher Pratt. I didn’t know him well but in all my interactions with him he was kind, funny and treated me like a contemporary and fellow painter and not the nerdy fan boy I was. My love and condolences to his Family.

Kristopher Drodge said,

Christopher Pratt was an inspiration for a lot of us. An avid and acclaimed artist and overall promoter of the arts, a legend in our local sailing community, and genuinely nice guy. Rest In Peace…

Winnipeg Landscaping said,

The art world is mourning the loss of one of Canada’s greatest painters, who dedicated his career to redefining Newfoundland and Labrador landscapes and experiences, and also created the province’s flag. June 05, 2022 at 02:59AM

Qudach Canada said,

The art world is mourning the loss of one of Canada’s greatest painters, who dedicated his career to redefining Newfoundland and Labrador landscapes and experiences, and also created the province’s flag.

Mary-Lou Schagena said,

Rip Christopher Pratt. ‘”There’s magic in his paintings,’ said Tom Smart, director, Beaverbrook Gallery, Fredericton & author of Christopher Pratt: Six Decades. ‘He’s called a magic realist for a reason. You look at his paintings & it’s almost as if they’re looking back at you.'”

terry doyle said,

2018 I visited Christopher Pratt’s home & studio. We toured the Argentia air base & talked for hours. He insisted we do a photo, & as I was leaving(I’d mentioned my office needed a corkboard like his)he rushed outside with the one this photo is now pinned to. I’ll never forget it

Ziggety Zig Zag said,

I just saw all your posts of wonderful Christopher Pratt paintings and thought – that’s unusual for this account and looked him up. I’m very sad to hear of his passing.

Salt Wire Network said,

“Until the day he could no longer get there under his own steam, he headed to his studio every morning without fail,” say Christopher Pratt’s children. We remember the iconic N.L. artist today | SaltWire

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