How did Chlorine gas leaked in the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba?

Chlorine gas leaked in the Jordanian Red Sea port

In Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba, a leak of deadly chlorine gas has resulted in 11 deaths and more than 250 injuries. Let’s see Chlorine gas leaked in the Jordanian Red Sea port.


Chlorine gas leaked in the Jordanian Red Sea port

According to a report in the state media, a leak of poisonous chlorine gas at Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba has resulted in the deaths of 11 people and the injuries of over 250 others. Authorities said that a crane fault caused a chemical storage container to fall while being transported.

Following the spill, residents of Aqaba city, located 16 kilometers north of the port, were instructed to stay inside and cover windows and doors.

To handle the leak and clean-up operation, the Civil Defense Department has dispatched specialized teams to the port.


How many people died in the explosion?

At least 13 people are reported to have died and 250 to have been injured in an explosion of deadly chlorine gas at the port of Aqaba in Jordan.

According to officials, it occurred after a tank carrying 25 tonnes of chlorine that was being transferred to Djibouti fell in transit.


How the chlorine gas affect people?

The director of the health division in Aqaba, Jamal Obeidat, said on state television: “We encourage Aqaba residents to stay indoors and shut the windows. This gas is necessary.”

And he issued a warning that the leak may be responsible for further deaths.

A storage tank crashed into the deck of a ship in a video that was uploaded to state television’s Twitter account. Then, as people fled, brilliant yellow gas rose into the air.


What did the Civil Defence service announce?

On its Facebook page, the Civil Defence service announced that specialized personnel had been dispatched to deal with the gas and that planes were being ordered to transport residents of Aqaba.

Although chlorine is a common disinfectant and water purifier, if it is ingested, the gas transforms into hydrochloric acid, which can cause internal burning and drowning due to the reactionary release of water in the lungs.


How long is the explosion site and Israel?

According to state TV, Jordan’s Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh visited the area and proceeded right to the hospital where some of the injured were being treated.

The distance between the explosion site and Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, is around 12 miles (20 kilometers).

188,000 people live in Aqaba, and 50,000 people reside in Eilat. A land border crossing links the two cities.

One of the biggest incidents to have occurred in Jordan recently is the explosion.



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