How did Charlie Smithgall die? Former Lancaster mayor cause of death Explained

Charlie Smithgall cause of death

Charlie Smithgall, former mayor of Lancaster passed away at the age of 77. Let’s see what is the Charlie Smithgall Cause of death in detail.

Charlie’s wife, Debbie Smithgall, verified his death and stated that he passed away at 3:30 a.m. at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. She claimed that her husband had been experiencing heart issues.

How did Charlie Smithgall die?

After surviving cancer, he was well. Suddenly, he passed away at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health from heart disease on Tuesday.

His death news was posted by Allison Smithgall, daughter of Charlie Smithgall on his social media page. His wife also shared his death news, saying her husband died due to some heart issues on October 18, 2022.

Charlie Smithgall Cause of death

In October 2018, Charlie was identified with kidney cancer. Smithgall underwent a five-and-a-half-hour operation at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia less than two months later, on December 14, 2018. Half of the damaged kidney in Smithgall was cut out by Dr. Robert Uzzo. Uzzo reaffirmed that Smithgall wouldn’t require chemotherapy or any other additional treatments because the disease was identified early, contained, and had not spread.

Despite some additional difficulties, Smithgall has somehow recovered his health. “He claims there was never any sign anything was wrong with his kidney before his unexpected diagnosis. And, he had said, if doctors hadn’t had a reason to X-ray his bruised hip, or if they hadn’t questioned the results, his health may easily have gotten a lot worse.”

It is not sure, that his cancer is linked to his death. But, his wife, Debbie Smithgall stated that Charlie Smithgall Cause of death was heart issues. He passed away at 3:30 a.m. at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.

Pharmacy Robbery

In 2018, at Charlie’s pharmacy, a man with a 9 m.m. handgun tried to rob his drugstore. He fought back with the thief and wrestled him to the ground. After killing an armed guy who tried to loot his city drugstore, former Lancaster mayor Charlie Smithgall was covered in another man’s blood but didn’t seem to have any significant wounds. When Mayor Charlie Smithgall talked to WGAL in an interview, he said about the day he shot a man who tried to inhibit the pharmacy. Smithgall said that “the attempted robbery had a silver lining nobody could have seen coming.”

Emergency workers brought Smithgall to Lancaster General Hospital’s emergency room as a precaution to have a hip that had been injured when he was knocked to the ground during the scuffle checked out. In the end, Smithgall’s life might have been saved by that choice. An X-ray revealed what might be a hip bone chip. A second CAT scan of the hip revealed a potentially dangerous condition in Smithgall’s kidney. Additionally, tests revealed that Smithgall had kidney cancer. He had undergone the treatment and somehow recovered from the disease.

Who was Smithgall?

Smithgall was a former mayor of Lancaster who was well known for his strong anti-crime initiatives and early support for the downtown convention center as a catalyst for economic revival. He also served as a member of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County.

Smithgall, a Lancaster native, earned his high school diploma from J. P. McCaskey in 1963. From the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, which is now the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, he earned a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy in 1968. Smithgall is the current proprietor of the 1916-established family firm Smithgalls’ Pharmacy.

The Smithgall family ran a second pharmacy on Columbia Avenue in Lancaster until it closed in 2008. In 1972, Smithgall married Debbie Smithgall, and Allison, the couple’s only child, was born in 1979. Smithgall has been a re-enactor in the American Civil War since 1961 and is a fan of the conflict. He has provided consulting services for several documentaries and movies on the Civil war. Smithgall was famous for his habit of collecting antique cannons, and he has 40 cannons as of 2009. During an on-air interview in 2012, he said he has 70 cannons in his collection including the very first cannon purchased by the United States government.

Tributes to Charlie Smithgall


Commissioner Josh Parsons tweeted,

Very sorry to learn of the passing of former Lancaster City Mayor Charlie Smithgall. He was a big part of the life of the city & county. Whether at his business in the city or on his farm in the southern end shooting cannons.

Chris Stull posted,

Charlie Smithgall passed away last night. While I didn’t always agree with his politics I’ve always said at least he was out and about on the streets talking to people about what mattered to them most and not squirreled away in an office never to be seen except for photo-ops and public events. My sympathy to his family.

Norman Bristol posted,

Rest In Peace Mayor Charlie Smithgall! You began the journey for the building of the Lancaster City of today and provided more opportunities for Puerto Ricans in city government than any mayor in the previous history. You were on the opposite side of the aisle but were always a gentleman of public service. Lancaster lost its “cheerleader mayor.” Thank you for your service! Our deepest condolences to the Smithgall Family

Lancaster City GOP posted,

We hear of the news of Charlie Smithgall’s passing. He served Lancaster City as Mayor, known to many as the people’s mayor, and our City GOP Committee as a committee man in 9-3 for many years. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers over the coming days.


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