How did Cardinal Richard Baawobr die? Cause of death explained

Cardinal Richard Baawobr

Cardinal Richard Baawobr, President of the Bishops’ Conferences of Africa & Madagascar, died at the age of 63 in Rome on November 27, 2022. Let’s see how did the Cardinal die and Richard Baawobr cause of death in detail.

How did Cardinal Richard Baawobr die? 

Richard Kuuia Cardinal Baawobr, one of the bishops promoted to the rank of cardinal during the Consistory on August 27, has passed away.

The Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) Secretary General confirms the passing of their 63-year-old confrere and the death statement reads,

 “With sadness and pain we hereby inform you of the return to the heavenly Father of Cardinal Richard Baawobr which occurred today, Sunday, November 27, 2022,” Fr. André-Léon Simonart said.

“Our confrere was evacuated by ambulance from the Generalate (Missionaries of Africa in Rome) to the Gemelli Hospital at 5.45 pm and we received the tragic news at 6.25 pm,” Fr. Simonart says of the late Cardinal.

“May Richard rest in the peace of his Lord whom he so generously served. On behalf of the bereaved Society, Our prayer and our thoughts go also to his family, to his diocese, his fellow bishops, to all his friends and acquaintances,” the Secretary General of the Missionaries of Africa said.

Cardinal Richard Baawobr cause of death:

Cardinal Baawobr had successful heart surgery in September 2022 at Rome’s Santo Spirito Hospital, just days before Pope Francis presented him with a scarlet biretta. 

The death of the Local Ordinary of Ghana’s Wa Diocese occurred just days after he was released from a hospital in Rome. He had expressed gratitude to all those who had him with prayers. Richard Baawobr cause of death was a heart disease.

“I wish to inform you that, last Friday, 18 November 2022, His Eminence, Richard Cardinal Kuuia Baawobr, M.Afr, the Bishop of Wa, was discharged from Agostino Gemelli University Hospital/Policlinic where he had been transferred on Saturday, 15th October 2022,” the Vicar General of Wa Diocese said in a statement published on November 22.

The Cardinal is residing at the Generalate of his Religious Order in Rome, according to Fr. Cornelius Naah Bayirinoba.

Fr. Bayirinoba stated that the Cardinal is in Rome “to relax and to regain his vigour,” adding that “His Eminence needs follow up checks.”

Who was Cardinal Baawobr?

Cardinal Baawobr was one of the 21 people named by Pope Francis on May 29, and one of the 20 people he created on the August 27 Consistory.

The Cardinal, who has led Ghana’s Wa Diocese since May 2016, was chosen President of the Symposium of Episcopal Conference of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) on July 30. It was held at the conclusion of the continental symposium’s 19th Plenary Assembly in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

Prior to being named Bishop in February 2016. The Catholic Church leader had served as the Superior General of the Missionaries of Africa’s first Assistant General for a six-year term. In May 2010, he was elected the organization’s first African Superior General. He was elected the first African Superior General of the Catholic Congregation that was founded in 1868.

Tributes to Cardinal Richard Baawobr

Father V tweeted,

Just three months after Pope Francis created him a cardinal. Cardinal Richard Baawobr of Wa (Ghana) has died at the age of 63. He died days after being discharged from a Roman hospital, where he received treatment following surgery for heart disease.

Christopher Lamb tweeted,

Cardinal Richard Baawobr, President of the Bishops’ Conferences of Africa & Madagascar, died aged 63 in Rome yesterday. “My vocation is to serve,” he said.

Fr John Patrick Tindana tweeted,

Rest in peace Cardinal Richard Baawobr of Catholic Diocese of Wa, Ghana.

Rich Raho tweeted,

Ghanaian Cardinal Richard Baawobr died this afternoon in Rome, his community the Missionaries of Africa announces. He was created cardinal on August 27 but was unable to attend the consistory ceremony due to heart problems. He was 63.

Yekple Victor tweeted,

This is absolutely heartbreaking! Few months after being made a Cardinal by Pope Francis & President of Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa & Madagascar-SECAM. Through it all, only GOD knows best. Rest eternally in JESUS CHRIST Cardinal Richard Baawobr. AMEN. 


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