Gage Caudill accident: Central High School student died after ATV crash in Knott County


_Gage Caudill Central High School student died after ATV crash in Knott County
Gage Caudill Central High School student died after ATV crash in Knott County (Source: Facebook)


The Beaver Community are mourning the death of their beloved member and Central High School student who passed away in a fatal ATV crash in Knott County.

Gage Caudill Central High School student perished in a horrific accident, leaving his family and friends in grief. His family, friends, and neighborhood have been posting on social media about their sorrow and requesting prayers for his family.

The tragic news shakes the families of the victims, breaking their hearts. Investigations into the incident’s circumstances are ongoing. In this post, let’s examine what happened to him and the passing of Gage Caudill.

Knott County teenager killed in ATV Crash

Following an ATV accident in Knott County on Tuesday, a student from Knott County Central High School passed away. The collision, according to Kentucky State Police officers, took place in the Beaver neighborhood close to the boundary between Knott and Floyd counties.

Grief counselors will be present at the school tomorrow, according to confirmation from the school. At this moment, police have not disclosed the student’s identity.

What happened to Gage Caudill?

An incident has claimed the life of another local high school student and Knott Central football player Gage Caudill.  Authorities from Knott County Schools have verified that Gauge Caudill passed away in an ATV accident on Tuesday.

Despite saying it occurred in Beaver, the Kentucky State Police have not provided any other information. Today at the school, grief counselors will be on hand.

Police are investigating the collision’s cause after designating the location as a crime scene. The circumstances of the incident are still being investigated, but the sadness it wrought has weighed heavily on our hearts.

We want Gage Caudill’s family and friends to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Losing a loved one in such a sad and unexpected manner is a huge shock that affects everyone concerned. We understand the anguish and sadness that comes with such a life-altering loss.


Alyssa Drummonds is organizing this fundraiser. After such a devastating loss, she created this campaign to support his family.

The GoFundMe page reads the following message,

Hello, my name is Ally, and it is with the great loss for my best friend Angela Jenkins (Caudill) as she has just lost her son in a tragedy with an ATV accident Gage Caudill has gained his wings far too soon and family and friends are devastated.

I am making this to try to put the family at ease in such a terrible time to take the weight off their shoulders.. anything at all is more than appreciated and more details will be coming.

Wanting to get things in motion to help relieve the stress of money so the family can peacefully lay him to rest … Thanks in advance you all from the bottom of our hearts and please please share. The date is TBD just needed to set in a date for this fundraiser.

 Gage Caudill Gofundme page
Gage Caudill Gofundme page

Family members and loved ones mourn Gage Caudill’s death

Nicole Ritchie said,

So heartbroken by the loss of Gage Caudill. He was a funny, sweet young man. I feel blessed to have gotten to know him last year. He worked so hard last year and improved so much. Prayers for his precious family and his friends that I know are hurting without a doubt. 

Emily Slone said,

This is so sad and unreal everyone please pray for his family and our community & kc & his girlfriend. he was a great person. rest easy gage caudill.

Carla Combs said,

Gage Caudill when you hear that name you instantly smile. He had that impact on you. A young boy with a heart of gold and a personality that lights up the room. Knott County sure lost one of the best. There are no words to express the heartache that so many are going through tonight and I could not imagine losing one of my children especially so early in life. If all of you that pray could please say some prayers for this sweet boy’s family and friends. So many lives have been damaged tonight here on this earth but Heaven sure gained a wonderful soul.

Stephanie Cross said,

Plz pray for my sister Angela Jenkins and our family my nephew got taken to heaven to see our father, he had a bad four-wheeler wreck! I love you, Gage Caudill.

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please offer up a prayer for Gage Caudill’s family and his teammates during this trying time. Please feel free to pay respects to Gage Caudill by leaving a note below in the comments section.


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