Elon Musk Martial Arts Background & Fighting History

Elon Musk Martial Arts Background & Fighting History

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg teased a hypothetical MMA match, which has enraged the MMA community. Many people questioned Elon Musk’s martial arts background in light of some of his most recent remarks.

After recent viral news about the cage fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, many were curious to find out more about the martial arts training and combat experiences of both. Let’s explore Elon Musk’s Martial Arts Background & Fighting History in this post.

Elon Musk Martial Arts Background

Mark Zuckerberg, 39, and Elon Musk, 51, recently engaged in a social media spat. Musk, the owner of Twitter, declared on his microblogging website on June 21 that he is “up for a cage match” with Zuckerberg.

On Wednesday, the owner of Meta responded via an Instagram story, asking the latter to send him the fight’s venue.

There has been talk about the two internet entrepreneurs’ statements amid their amusing Twitter war. Although both possess martial arts skills, analysts think Zuckerberg has an advantage over Musk.

Does Elon Musk knows Martial Arts?

Elon Musk is a skilled martial artist. He studied judo, Kyokushin karate, taekwondo, and most recently, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, for a brief period of time in Palo Alto.

During his second visit to the Joe Rogan Experience (Episode 1470), in May 2020, Elon Musk disclosed his history in martial arts.

Musk also disclosed on the same show that he’s been keeping up with martial arts in this manner by enrolling his children in Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes since they were 6 years old.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have any achievements in the field like Zuckerberg, who has won numerous medals in BJJ.

At a New York birthday party, Elon Musk is also rumored to have played a friendly match of sumo wrestling against a world champion.

Musk lifted the 350-pound sumo wrestler off the ground and threw him to win the first round, but he lost the match and hurt his c5-c6 disc, which left him with 7 years of back pain.



Every martial art requires years of dedicated practice to master and even become proficient at. Musk has no significant martial arts training as of the time of this writing, but that could change in the future.

Due to Musk’s exceedingly hectic schedule—he works 80–100 hours each week, it seems like every year—it is incredibly implausible.

Does Elon Musk Have Combat Skills?

Elon Musk’s most recent Brazilian jiu-jitsu training was brief, and the majority of his martial arts training took place over 40 years ago, so it’s safe to say that Elon Musk isn’t close to being a professional fighter.

The following arguments, however, provide a compelling case that Elon Musk is capable of fighting outside of martial arts competitions.

First off, since Putin is a judo black belt and sambo practitioner, asking him to fight one on one shows that he is a skilled fighter.

Elon Musk, who has a lot of confidence, also challenged Johnny Depp to a cage match in 2020 in response to the actor’s alleged affair with Amber Heard.

Second, because of his earlier training in martial arts, particularly his more recent Bjj training, Elon Musk is able to fight at an above-average level.

It’s very possible that Elon Musk remembers a lot of the martial arts instruction he had as a child due to his high level of intelligence. He’d still have some innate fighting tactics with him, and he’d utilize them unconsciously to defend himself.

Additionally, there are no regulations in a street fight, and Elon Musk is a massive and heavy man who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Elon Musk had weighed roughly 220 lbs at his heaviest, but after losing as much as 30 lbs recently in late 2022, he now probably weighs between 190 and 195 lbs.

“Musk admitted to participating in numerous brutal street fights”

Although being hefty is advantageous for street fighting, being light allowed him to develop tremendous amounts of speed and cardiovascular stamina.

Last, but not least, Elon Musk was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, which is among the most hazardous places in a terrible nation.

On the “FULL SEND PODCAST” on YouTube, Elon Musk disclosed that when growing up in South Africa, he participated in a lot of violent street fights, where he was nearly killed in one and severely injured in a few others.

And while this doesn’t necessarily imply that he’s a good fighter, it does indicate that he has had some experience fighting and has become a better fighter as a result because he is aware of what to do in a battle. Elon Musk would have been more confident and skilled in battle after facing a sumo wrestler.

Elon Musk makes fun of numerous celebrities, but it’s evident that he has some self-confidence in his fighting and martial arts skills.

Musk probably wouldn’t fare well in a professional fight, but he is more than capable of handling himself in a street brawl.

Musk’s history of combat is revealed by Dana White

As fans and professionals began to speculate about a possible matchup between the two, many gave Zuckerberg the advantage because of his most recent Jiu-Jitsu victories. White countered that Musk is also not a stranger to conflict. 

‘The Pat McAfee Show’ recently featured UFC president Dana White, who spoke about the battle of the digital titans. The 53-year-old touted the fictitious bout no one anticipated while in full promoter gear.

McAfee asked White about Musk’s fighting background and highlighted Zuckerberg’s Jiu-Jitsu qualifications during their conversation.

 The UFC boss replied, “Yeah, well, you know, Zuckerberg takes this very seriously man. He’s very into the sport. He trains and has been training for years. Now he’s starting to compete in jiu-jitsu tournaments.”

Speaking of Musk, he said, “And, you know, the talks that I’ve had with Elon [Musk], Elon’s trained in martial arts too. He’s done Jiu-Jitsu, and he says ‘You know, I grew up in South Africa. I’ve been in a lot of fights. it’s not like I haven’t fought before.’”

Finally, White added, “You know, you look at these two tech guys and nobody thinks that they can fight. But they want to. It’s real, and we’ll see how this happens.”

One of the most surprising fights to have ever occurred would be Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg if Dana White can make it happen. Many fans’ wish lists for the fights they wanted to see in 2023 probably did not include a fight between the tech millionaires.


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