Claremore Murder-suicide: Candace McCulley Kehoe and her Ex-husband found dead in Claremore lake


_Claremore Murder-suicide Candace McCully Kehoe and her Ex-husband were found dead
Claremore Murder-suicide: Candace McCulley Kehoe and her Ex-husband were found dead in Claremore Lake. (Source: Claremore police department)


In an alleged murder-suicide, two Claremore people were killed. According to reports, the mother passes away due to marital violence, and the husband shoots himself to death.

According to Claremore police, reports of domestic violence and a white pickup sinking into Claremore Lake were what prompted them to discover what appeared to be a murder-suicide.

Let’s look more closely at what occurred to the mother, Candace McCulley Kehoe, why her husband killed her, and the factors that led to the murder-suicide.

Claremore Murder-suicide

Last night at 11:30 p.m., a concerned citizen hailed down Claremore patrol officers to report an apparent murder-suicide.

Officers started looking into the allegations, which brought them to the 700 block of Comet Street. No one was present when officers visited a home on Comet Street where they discovered signs of an injury.

They got another call from the north side of Claremore Lake around the time the initial reporting to the officers did. The caller informed dispatch that he had seen a white truck go underwater.

When Claremore police responded to the complaint, they witnessed the pickup truck submerge. Claremore Fire went out on the lake and used sonar to locate the truck that was submerged, helping the police department.

The location of the submerged vehicle, where cops had to wait until early this morning to collect the truck, was marked with a buoy.

We received assistance from The Oklahoma Highway Patrol dive team members in getting the truck out of the lake. 

Two dead people were discovered inside the truck by the police. The two people are recognized as being the same individuals linked to the Comet Street residence from the first contact. Investigators concluded that this was a murder-suicide based on evidence found inside the truck.

Domestic violence

The two had been married in the past, and custody battles over children had lately arisen. The youngsters involved were secure at a family member’s house throughout this tragic incident.

Investigators were able to properly deduce from the evidence that the female died following a violent interaction with the deceased male. The male victim looks to have self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

About the victim Candace McCulley Kehoe

The bodies of Candace Michelle Kehoe, 26, and her ex-husband were discovered in a submerged truck on the north end of Claremore Lake close to Lowery Road on Tuesday morning.

Candace McCulley Kehoe was apparently the victim of domestic violence. Kehoe, a tribal member, is the sixth person to pass away this year as a result of domestic violence and the fourth victim of a murder-suicide in Rogers County in less than a week.

George Dakota Gaddy Kehoe, 27, is Candace’s ex-husband and the suspected culprit in the Claremore case. The police have informed the next of kin. The three affected kids were discovered to be in the care of a different relative.

The circumstances surrounding the tragedy are still being looked into by investigators. The victim has been identified as Claremore resident Candace Michelle Kehoe, age 26.

The offender has been identified as George Dakota Gaddy Kehoe, a male from Claremore who is 27 years old and Candace’s ex-husband. Next-of-kin has been notified by Claremore Police.

What happened to Candace McCulley Kehoe?

The bodies of Candace McCulley Kehoe, 26, and George Dakota Kehoe, her ex-husband, were found in a truck this morning in Claremore Lake, according to the police.

As per the reports, the evidence indicates that Dakota attacked Candace violently yesterday night, killing her. They claim that after shooting himself, he drove his truck into a lake, leaving Candace’s body inside.

Around 11:30 last night, a witness observed the trunk sinking and dialed 911. Officers were already looking into the case, according to the police, because someone waved them down to report a probable murder-suicide involving the Kehoes at the same time.

According to the police, there have lately been custody disputes involving Candace and Dakota. The children involved, according to investigators, were secure at a family member’s house at the time of the killings.

Ongoing Police Investigation

Investigators concluded that this was a murder-suicide based on evidence found inside the truck. The pair had been married in the past, and custody disputes had lately arisen.

Therefore, as per the CPD reports, the evidence allowed detectives to make a logical conclusion that the woman died following a violent confrontation with the deceased male.

They claimed that it appeared the man shot himself in the head and then died. Officials still look at the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Claremore Police Chief Steve Cox said,

“Officers never got to speak with him or her.”The perpetrator, Cox said, had apparently called his “best friend” sometime prior to driving to the lake. The friend flagged down the midnight shift officer around 11:37 p.m., told the officer he was “concerned,” and reported an alleged murder-suicide. “Officers began investigating the claims, which led to Comet Street,” Cox said.

Authorities’ statement on domestic violence cases

Investigators have noted that the two incidents included child custody battles and domestic violence reports. In Verdigris, her brother murdered a woman on Easter morning in the year’s first murder-suicide

Moreover, Claremore Police said, you should phone the hotline at 988 if you are aware of someone who is going through a mental health crisis.

Also, there are many options available, so don’t be afraid to contact the police department if you have any questions or would like to find out more about them.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with Candace McCulley Kehoe’s kids and loved ones during their time of loss. Memories are all that you have, which help you survive the storms and struggles of your daily life after you lose someone!” she will forever remain in your hearts.”


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