British Dad and Son died in Bangladesh: What happened? explained.



British Dad and Son died in Bangladesh: What happened? Explained

A British dad and his son have been found lifeless at a flat in Bangladesh after a guessed poisoning. Let’s see what happened to them and their cause of death.

What Happened to British Dad and Son?

At the rented home in the city of Sylhet, police found the other four members of the family of five unconscious yesterday afternoon.

Rofikul Islam, a cab driver in his 50s, has been recognized as the father, and Michael is the name of the 16-year-old boy. In a hospital in the eastern city, his wife Hosne Ara Islam, their children Samira Islam, 19, and Sadikul Islam, 21, are all receiving medical care.

What does the police investigation confess?

According to reports, one of the kids who survived the purported poisoning is in severe condition.

According to authorities, the Cardiff-based Islam family, who are British nationals, arrived in Bangladesh on July 12 and moved into the apartment in the Tajpur neighborhood five days later.

“After discussing the total issue with the medics and examining the scene, we feel this may have been a case of poisoning,” the district superintendent for Osmani Nagar told WalesOnline. Whether the incident was caused by poisoning or something else is still under investigation.

The other persons in the building are close relatives of the fatalities, he said in a statement to the local media yesterday. We interrogated them. Currently, we think that they dozed off last night after dinner.
Further research is required on this. They were poisoned, but how? How were they killed? We will be able to confirm after an investigation.

British Dad and Son cause of death.

A Cardiff family lost two members, and three more are receiving intensive care in Bangladesh. The condition of those who were hospitalized has now shown some improvement, according to Supt. Farid Uddin.

He claimed that on Monday night, all five members of the family were sleeping in the same room and that when none of them seemed to be awake at around 10:00 local time, family members raised the alarm.

Police are currently looking into the occurrence, which at first was believed to be food poisoning.

Post-mortem reports have been completed and delivered to Dhaka. It may take five days to get the findings.

Yet the cause of death has not been revealed by the police. Once got the official information on this case, we will update the details on our website.

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