UK rapper Bomma B passed away

Bomma Bogle
Bomma B passed away unexpectedly


UK-based rapper Bomma B, aka Josiah Bogle, has passed away. Read on to learn more about Bomma Bogle death. 

How did Bomma Bogle die?

Bomma B, Grime MC from Birmingham passed away suddenly on September 05, 2023. This devasting news was confirmed by Max Ingleton, in the following statement.

Rest Now Cuzz 

jus know i love u and will miss u till the day i see u again #LegendsNeverDie#BommaB

It was reported that Bomma passed away in the hospital.

One of his family friend, Abayomi Bogle also confirmed this news in the following statement.

Rest peacefully cousin.
I love you, famo.

Bomma B cause of death:

Bomma Bogle passed away in the hospital today. Some reports says that he involved in a car accident following which he was admitted to the hospital, however exact cause of death is not known yet. 

Punch Records reported his passing in the following social media statement, that reads,

RIP Bomma B You were a true legend in Birmingham and your legacy will always live on. You will be missed

It is crucial that we show Bomma’s grieving family and loved ones our most respect and compassion during this challenging time.

They are travelling through a terrible and incredibly personal period of loss, looking for consolation and healing when the time is right. We may be sure that they will provide all pertinent information about the obituary, funeral plans, and memorial services when the time is appropriate.

Who was Bomma B?

Bomma Bogle, also known as “Bomma B,” was a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur from Birmingham, England. His innovative abilities extended to the fields of business, music, and even dog breeding, making him a well-known personality in his neighbourhood. 

Bomma Bogle established himself as a singer, composer, and rapper in the music industry. He created a strong internet presence to interact with his fans and found that his art spoke to a wide range of listeners.

His Instagram handle, bommab0121, served as a digital platform where he shared his music and life experiences, gaining a passionate fans base of over 11 thousand. With over 500 thousand streams and over 130 thousand listeners, Bomma’s song was a sensation on Spotify.

He also worked at Raw Pet Food Supplies as the Company Director while attending Birmingham City University to further his degree. 

Bomma Bogle, however, was more than just a talented artist. He was a passionate and caring father who treasured his role as a parent to three children, including Riqo Bogle, his second kid. His conversations and online presence made it clear how much he cared for and dedicated himself to his family. 

Tributes to Bomma Bogle:

Riad Hussain posted,

Life can be so fragile at times Rest in Peace Bomma B #LegendsNeverDie .. you Will be missed by many, thoughts and prayers going out to your family and friends Known for being one of Birmingham’s most influential urban music artists and also a loving family man #GBNF @bommab0121

Hitzofficial tweeted,

Rip Bomma, one of the cleanest hearted brothers I knew in music, always showed nothing, but luv birmingham lost a legend

Mikail Suleman tweeted,

Rest In Power Brother Bomma B, true pioneer True Man/ Father/Brother Your legacy lives on

Sunny Singh Dhinsa posted,

Rest in peace my brother best human being I know always put his family and friends first and is BRUM TOWN KING SMEDZ LEGEND see u soon my brother #bommab #smedz

Oliver Lucciarini posted,

RIP Bomma B
Did a lot for 4×4 bassline & grime
You will be remembered


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