Belsie Elaine Elliott, Sister of Maxi Priest the reggae vocalist died


 Belsie Elaine Elliott, Sister of Maxi Priest died
Belsie Elaine Elliott, Sister of Maxi Priest the reggae vocalist died (Source: Maxi’s FaceBook)


Maxi Priest, the reggae vocalist mourns the loss of his beloved sister Belsie Elaine Elliott who passed away unexpectedly.

Sisters are probably there for you when you experienced heartbreak for the first time and needed a shoulder to cry on followed by words of understanding. May God grant you the fortitude and ability to cope with this enormous loss!

When someone is in such grieving and pain, it can be difficult to find words of consolation, and it can be even harder to accept and move on from a loss. Read on to learn more information on Belsie Elaine Elliott’s passing.

Maxi Priest the reggae vocalist’s sister died

Maxi Priest, a British reggae vocalist of Jamaican descent, is best known for singing reggae music. He lost his beloved sister, who passed away on July 13, 2023.

Belsie Elaine Elliott, demise news was broken by his brother Maxi Priest the reggae vocalist on social media by posting the following emotional tribute.

A Heartfelt Tribute by Maxi Priest


Today is a very sad day for me and my family. Our sister, Belsie Elaine Elliott, has transitioned. Feeling very strange, sad, and confused, as tears roll down my cheeks.

I find it difficult to comprehend the fact that my sister has passed away. I don’t know whether to go left or right, stand or sit, shout, scream, or let out my cry. Every day is like a test, or at least, that’s how I feel.

I remember what my mom would say, “God knows best.” My memory list is long. I recall hearing my mother’s voice singing church songs. I see my sister and her clear dark brown eyes looking at our mom singing and playing away.

My beautiful sister Belsie is spiritual, kind, gentle, intelligent, Stern, and at times, misunderstood. I honestly think that’s all of us at times. Sometimes, we hold onto things that we need to let out, and sometimes, we let out things that we need to hold. Life is full of choices. We just have to pray that we make the right decisions each day.

I say this because there are so many things left unsaid. My big sister Belsie, at least you know I love you! I can’t stop thinking about my childhood experiences with you, Mom, Osborne, and the family.

Please say hi to everyone when you see them in Zion. Travel peacefully. Your loving brother Max. Sending prayers of love and strength to my niece and nephews Howard, Vinney, Yvonne, and Mark.


Cause of death

His tribute is a lovely illustration of how much he adores, cherishes, and respects her sister. We appreciate you being open and honest about your sentiments during this trying time.

No amount of words can make your suffering go away, but I hope that your favorite memories give you comfort. As per Maxi’s post, it was confirmed that his sister passed away today.

Other than that, neither her family members nor web media have provided any information regarding the cause of his sister’s passing. We’ll update this article as soon as additional information becomes available.

Moreover, the family’s privacy must be respected even though attempts are being made to compile pertinent information and promptly deliver the most recent updates.

Condolences to Maxi Priest and his family following his sister’s passing

Lascelles Douglas wrote,

Sorry for your loss my brother, sending heartfelt & sincere condolences to you, your family and all grieving her loss!  

Chevonne Lue wrote,

So sorry for your loss. She has gone home ahead of us. Heaven had an opening for an angel, a gem. Condolences to you, friends, and family my parish brother! SIEP DEAR ANGEL.

Lurleen Clarke wrote,

Sincere condolences to you and your family, let the good memories of her live on so that in spirit she lives forever Be strong,it is well. 

Martha Margarita Castillo-Perez wrote,

Our condolences to you and your Family, Maxi Priest, especially her Children! May God give you all the fortitude and strength to deal with this huge loss! 

Sharon Bent wrote,

So sorry for your loss Maxi. Sincere condolences to you and your family. May your Beautiful Sister Rest in Paradise with The Highest?

Read: Short bio of Maxi Priest

For those who are unfamiliar, British reggae singer Max Alfred Elliott, also known by his stage name Maxi Priest, is of Jamaican heritage.

He is most known for singing reggae fusion, sometimes described as reggae with an R&B flavor. Priest was among the first worldwide performers in this genre to find popularity and was one of the greatest reggae fusion acts of all time. He is known as the ‘King of Lovers Rock’.

His music is sometimes closer to R&B, and pop, than to reggae music itself. His first major album was the self-titled Maxi Priest (1988) along with his cover of Cat Stevens’ Wild World established him as one of the British reggae top singers this internationally acclaimed vocalist, is the only UK reggae act to score an American Billboard Number One.

That was with a track entitled “Close To You”, which was released in 1990. He’s appeared on David Letterman, Arsenio Hall, MTV, BET, and many other TV shows. In 1990 he hit number one on the Billboard Pop chart with his duet with Shabba Ranks titled “House Call”

Maxi Priest has worked with Sly & Robbie, Shaggy, Beres Hammond, Jazzie B, Apache Indian, Roberta Flack, and Shabba Ranks.

We send our deepest condolences to Maxi and family members, friends, and all loved ones. Please feel free to pay respects to  Belsie Elaine Elliott by leaving a note below or by sharing your memories of her.


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