Tragic Loss: Anthony Alexander, who rescued 3 kids from icy pond shot and killed by Diamire Hickman in Darby shooting


Tragic Loss: Anthony Alexander, who rescued 3 kids from icy pond shot and killed by Diamire Hickman in Darby shooting

In the Upper Darby incident, a teen who assisted in rescuing children from a freezing pond perishes; the suspect turns himself in. After reportedly shooting and killing another young boy on Sunday during a party inside an apartment in Upper Darby, a teen has been taken into custody. Let’s see what happened to Anthony Alexander and this shooting case in detail.

What happened to Anthony Alexander?

Pennsylvania’s Upper Darby Township (WPVI) — Authorities in Upper Darby, Delaware County say a juvenile who shot and killed another teen who was hailed a hero a year ago handed himself in to police on Monday.

The incident took place in a home on the 2400 block of Marshall Road on Sunday evening just before 5 o’clock. According to the police, Anthony Alexander, 17, was shot and killed by 16-year-old Diamire Hickman.

No other information regarding the incident’s cause has been made public. Third-degree murder and unintentional manslaughter are among the many allegations against Hickman, who is being prosecuted as an adult.

Anthony Alexander, the victim, is the same teenager who assisted in saving three youngsters from an icy pond on Presidents Day in Collingdale last year, according to family members who spoke with Action News.

Who is the suspect?

A 16-year-old kid is accused of fatally shooting another juvenile boy during a party inside an Upper Darby apartment on Sunday, and he has been charged as an adult with third-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and a weapons offense.

Anthony Alexander, 17, of Collingdale, was shot and killed by 16-year-old Diamire Hickman when a group of youngsters was inside an apartment just before 5 o’clock, according to police. His wounds caused his death.

Hickman, a Collingdale resident as well, allegedly turned himself in to police early on Monday. Third-degree murder, unintentional manslaughter, and a firearms offense are all charges against him as an adult.

Diamire Hickman

Alexander’s heroic act

On February 21, just before 3 p.m., Alexander—who was 16 at the time—was playing with his buddies at Collingdale Park when he heard screaming coming from two little girls and a guy.

“Help was desperately needed. I wouldn’t have stood by and watched them drown in that way “Last year, Alexander spoke with Action News. Before diving in and removing the young boy and one of the girls, he first tried to use a stick to save the children.

It was chilly, Alexander reported. “Like my body went into shock like I was stunned.” Following their arrival, Officer Corey Hansen and Sergeant Pat Kilroy of the Collingdale Police Department dove into the pond to save the second young girl.

The pride of Alexander’s parents was palpable. His mother, Ava Alexander, told Action News at the gathering, “He always had the largest heart in the world and now the world sees that heart.” His father, Anthony Alexander Sr., said, “I’m very blessed to have him in my life and very blessed to raise somebody like him. According to Anthony Alexander, the experience made him think about a career in police enforcement.


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