Alex Maina Ochogo trial update: Inmate complains of bedbug infestation in prison

Alex Maina Ochogo
Baby Sagini’s suspect, Alex Maina Ochogo


The prime suspect in Baby Sagini’s case Alex Maina Ochogo was held in the prison since December. He complained of lice and bedbugs in prison. Let’s see more about Alex Maina Ochogo trial update in detail.

Alex Maina Ochogo trial update:

The primary suspect and his accomplices were presented in court for an incident in which baby Junior Sagini’s eyes were gouged out. Suspects who are allegedly responsible for gouging out infant Sagini’s eyes are being escorted by police.

Along with Sagini’s grandma Pacificah Nyakerario and aunt Rael Mayaka, the suspect Alex Maina Ochogo was charged.

Ochogo and the other accused appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno at the Kisii court. The primary suspect pleaded with the court to free him so that he could sleep in Kisii prison’s infested quarters with bedbugs and lice.

Prisoner complains of a bedbug infestation:

Mr. Morara also criticized the fact that people on social media were violating the privacy of infant Sagini by publishing private details about his condition.

He used a tweet from well-known campaigner Esnahs Nyaramba, who is based in Kisii, as an example.

Mr. Morara claims that the activist wrote a note explaining that she had given up trying to help baby Sagini receive justice because of her “frustrations.”

“Your honor, one of the minors who is a key witness is going through a set of procedures including counseling and aiding recovery after the traumatic event. In essence, the two minors are receiving psychological support from trained personnel. We agree that the court grants more time for the other witnesses to attend the court session,” Mr. Morara said.

Court affirms privacy:

Mr. Morara claimed that the youngsters conditions are covered by several social media users declining the kids’ privacy.

“The court reaffirms the need and importance to protect the privacy of the minor… The media and other social media users are referred to avoid covering the privacy of the minors. Further pretrial will be on March 2 this year,” Ms Ogweno said.

Baby Sagini was discovered ditched in a maize farm on December 14 last year with his eyes gouged out.


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