Alaysia Smith-Jones death, Detroit, MI hairdresser killed in shooting

Alaysia Smith-Jones, a Michigan hair dresser passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Alaysia Smith-Jones, a hairdresser from Michigan, died. (Source: Facebook)


Alaysia Smith-Jones, a passionate and accomplished hairdresser in Detroit, Michigan, was sadly killed in a devastating shooting incident on September 23,2023.

The specifics of the incident were revealed in a press statement, giving light on the tragic circumstances behind her untimely death. Local authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as the identity of individuals involved. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.

Alaysia Smith-Jones was shot to death: What happened?

Alaysia Smith-Jones was more than simply a hairdresser; she was a driven and talented professional who had established herself in the Detroit area. Her clients, friends, and family respected her for her abilities, devotion, and friendly demeanor. Her life, however, was sadly cut short in a heartbreaking shooting event on a fateful Saturday, leaving the entire neighborhood in shock and despair.

Details surrounding the shooting are yet unknown, while local law enforcement officials work tirelessly to investigate the tragedy. As the inquiry continues, the focus remains on pursuing justice for Alaysia and uncovering the truth about her untimely death.

Who was Alaysia Smith-Jones?

Beginning in Detroit, Michigan, Teenage Alaysia Smith-Jones worked as a hairdresser. She attended Robichaud Senior High School and worked at her own salon.

She was pretty popular on social media with more than 4,000 Facebook friends and 1,700 Instagram followers. She recently wrote about her weight loss experience on online forums. Alaysia Smith-Jones shed roughly 22 pounds in the months of August and September. She also wanted to drop 20 more pounds by Halloween. Recently, she had announced on Facebook that she was looking for a “Stretch Trainer.”

Alaysia was a single mother to three kids. She just posted a picture of her three kids getting ready for school on social media. Her three girls are all in different grades; the youngest has been admitted into the second grade, and the oldest is a seventh-grader.

Alaysia Smith-Jones was given the sweet moniker “Lay-Lay” by her friends. She was the friend she had who was most active. Everyone admired her for who she was. Unfortunately, she had to leave our world so abruptly and tragically.

Community mourns the tragic death of Alaysia Smith-Jones

Friends, family, and neighbors have expressed their sorrow and sympathies in response to the news of her tragic death. The loss of not only a gifted professional but also a good friend has severely upset her clients, who had grown deep relationships with Alaysia over the years.

Tiayata Johnson wrote: “Today I truly understand the meaning bullets has no name. I’m fucked up about Alaysia she didn’t deserve this. Journee and her sisters didn’t deserve this Ms Rita, didn’t deserve this.! This gun violence has had me in a chokehold since 2020. I’m tired of y’all.! Lame ass shooting ass niggas.! FUCK.!!!”

Darnetha Davis wrote: “I can’t even say anything, we have been planning for weeks for you to help in my kitchen at keno house and now your gone. I just can’t believe it, you helped me in so many ways and not to mention the fun me plus you equal nothing but a good time. Thank you for everything until we meet again old friend Alaysia Smith-Jones🥺😢😢😢😢😢😘😘😘

The shooting’s circumstances are still being investigated, and the neighborhood is eagerly awaiting any new information from neighborhood law enforcement officials. Through debates and calls for action intended at stopping such senseless acts, this tragedy has highlighted the significance of tackling gun violence and community safety.

The loss of Alaysia Smith-Jones has made a lasting impression on the people of Detroit, serving as a poignant reminder of how fleeting life is and how vital it is to treasure the relationships we have with those we love. The community comes together to remember her as a gifted, kind, and active person who had a profound impact on their lives, despite the possibility that the sadness of her passing will never truly go away.


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