Who is Kevin Jewell? Suspect murdered his wife Jodi Jewell in Modbury, Adelaide

Kevin Jewell murdered his wife Jodi Jewell in Modbury, Adelaide. (Source: msn.com)
Kevin Jewell murdered his wife Jodi Jewell in Modbury, Adelaide. (Source: msn.com)


Authorities have launched a manhunt for Kevin Jewell, the alleged perpetrator in the killing of his wife, Jodi Jewell, at their Modbury North residence last night. The incident has prompted a swift response from law enforcement, urging the public to remain vigilant and report any relevant information.

Investigators are actively pursuing leads to locate and apprehend Kevin Jewell, emphasizing the importance of community assistance in ensuring a swift resolution to this tragic case. Keep reading to know more about the devastating incident in detail.

Statewide Manhunt Underway for Kevin Jewell in Adelaide Tragedy

A statewide search is underway for 55-year-old Kevin Jewell, accused of committing heinous acts following the alleged murder of his wife, Jodie Jewell, in their Adelaide home. The tragic event occurred in Modbury North just after 6 pm on Tuesday, when Kevin reportedly fatally shot Jodie.

Superintendent Doc Bray revealed that Jodie, also 55, had disclosed her experience of domestic violence to a friend, a distressing revelation that had not been officially reported to authorities. Concerned for Jodie’s safety, the friend contacted the police when attempts to reach her were unsuccessful. Law enforcement acted promptly, discovering Jodie’s lifeless body with a gunshot wound in their residence.

Bray told reporters, “They had been somewhat estranged for a period of time, Obviously she’s facing the trauma of what’s happened, and she’s being looked after by relatives.”

The living arrangement involved Kevin residing on the upper level, while Jodie and their teenage daughter occupied the lower level. Fortunately, the daughter was not present during the tragic incident.

Law enforcement teams, along with helicopters, are conducting widespread searches throughout the state to locate the armed gunman. Image credits: Dean Martin. (Source: skynews.com.au)
Law enforcement teams, along with helicopters, are conducting widespread searches throughout the state to locate the armed gunman.  (Source: skynews.com.au)


As the manhunt intensifies, authorities are urging the public to provide any pertinent information that could lead to the apprehension of Kevin Jewell, who is considered armed and dangerous.

This case underscores the critical need for addressing domestic violence and emphasizes the importance of community awareness and intervention to prevent such devastating outcomes.

Adelaide Murder Suspect: Who is Kevin Jewell?

An arrest warrant has been secured for Kevin Jewell in the Adelaide Magistrates Court, with charges of murder stemming from the tragic incident.

Superintendent Bray has issued a public caution, advising against any interaction with Kevin, describing him as of average build, weighing 90kg, standing at 178cm tall, and having a disheveled appearance.

Who is Kevin Jewell? (Source: 7news.com.au)
Who is Kevin Jewell? (Source: 7news.com.au)


Authorities emphasize that Kevin, believed to be driving a Mitsubishi Triton ute with P-plates and registration XTN167, should not be approached. There are concerns that he may be seeking refuge in rural areas, having been seen loading items, including a backpack and an esky, from the home on Tuesday afternoon.

Superintendent Bray highlighted Kevin’s affinity for hunting and camping, indicating a likelihood of him seeking seclusion in the bush during his customary relaxation time. Bray also mentioned that Kevin possesses a firearms license, and his weapons are registered and stored in accordance with the law.

Community in Shock

Neighbors have conveyed a mixture of shock and sorrow in response to the passing of Ms. Jewell, characterizing the discovery of her body as both “shocking” and “terrible.”

A recent addition to the neighborhood mentioned not observing anything unusual at the property but was startled upon returning home to find a police car stationed in front. The general sentiment among neighbors reflects surprise and distress, with one resident underscoring the community impact, stating, “It’s quite surprising and shocking for us as the neighbors.”

The tragic occurrence has left the community grappling with an unforeseen loss, instilling a sense of unease as further details surrounding the incident unfold.

Unrelated Murders of Women Unfold in South Australia

Jodie’s tragic death marks the fourth alleged murder of a woman in South Australia within the past week. On Tuesday, a man was apprehended in the remote APY Lands in connection with the murder of a woman known to him at her residence in Felixstow, located in Adelaide’s east, just last week.

Preceding this, Michael Edward Amos was arrested on Friday, and Clifford Aurthor Neumann on Sunday, both facing charges of murdering women known to them. It is important to note that, at this point, authorities do not believe these cases are related.

The series of recent arrests underscores the concerning and unrelated incidents of violence against women in the region, prompting heightened attention to the safety and security of individuals within the community.

Support for those affected by sexual assault, domestic or family violence is available through 1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT.org.au. In emergencies, call 000.


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