Who is Jaydn Stimson? Suspect killed brevet sergeant Jason Doig, SA shooting explained

Jaydn Stimson Suspect killed Jason Doig
Jaydn Stimson killed the SA officer Jason Doig


The south Australian police force has been devastated by the death of Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig, an experienced and a “highly respected” police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty in a rural area of South Australia overnight. Let’s see who is Jaydn Stimson and what happened in detail.

St. Doig killed in the line of duty:

According to Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, Sergeant Doig was shot and killed at a property in Senior, near the Victorian border in upper southeast South Australia, by Jaydn Stimson.

The alleged suspect was then shot by police, and his injuries are potentially fatal. A second officer was also shot, according to police.

What happened to the SA officers?

At about 11:20 p.m. on Thursday, Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig, 53, was fatally wounded while attending a remote rural property on Senior Road, approximately 15 km north of Bordertown, according to SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

A 26-year-old suspect confronted Doig and other two officers, Sergeant Michael Hutchinson and Constable Rebekah Cass.

“The occupant has shot and fatally wounded Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig, and he later died at the scene,” Stevens stated.

According to Stevens, when police were first called to the residence located at the north of Bordertown which is closer to the Victorian border.

The officers were responded to “the use of a firearm involving an animal”. They didn’t consider it a high-risk incident.

“This was one of those jobs that would be part of the daily routine for police officers,” Stevens said.

Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig was pronounced dead at the scene. While the Constable Rebekah Cass was unharmed in the incident, but Sergeant Michael Hutchinson received non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and was transported to Adelaide for medical attention.

Who is the suspect?

The suspect, Jaydn Stimson, a 26-year-old man, was shot by police and is presently receiving life-threatening medical attention in a hospital.

According to police, the accused suspect was shot by officers, and he remains in hospital under police protection.

Mr Stimson’s family has released a statement and the message reads,

“We would like to extend our condolences to the family of Brevet Sergeant Doig and we are thinking of them during this difficult time. For now, our thoughts remain with Sergeant Hutchinson and his family while he recovers from his injuries.
Our thoughts are also with the South East community who will all be affected by this tragedy.”

Tragic incident:

According to Stevens, Doig’s passing was an “incredibly tragic incident” for the community and SA Police.

Doig was a career police officer who was “highly respected by his peers” and held the position of officer in charge at the southeast of the state at the Lucindale Police Station.

“No one is left untouched by this incident,” Stevens said. “There wouldn’t be one single police officer today who is not thinking of the sacrifice Jason has made and the risk that is inherent in the role of policing.”

“Police officers come to work knowing there are risks inherent in the job, but this is a stark reminder of what those risks may result in.”, he stated.

Flags will fly at half-mast in “official state locations” in honor of Sergeant Doig and the other officers, who “demonstrated great bravery,” according to South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas.

About St. Doig:

The 53-year-old Sergeant Doig was the person in charge of the Lucindale Police Station. The commissioner stated that Sergeant Doig, who joined the force in 1989, had family members in Daylesford and Warrnambool, Victoria, and that the police community as a whole would be affected by his passing.

Patrick Ross, the mayor of Naracoorte Lucindale Council, described the devastation he personally witnessed as well as his own shock.

Sergeant Doig was referred to by Mr. Ross as a “great community copper” and “consummate” police officer who genuinely cared about the welfare of the community.

“He never, ever wanted any of his community members to die for something that they may have overlooked — for example, drink driving,” said Ross.

“Small country town, one pub — Jason would go in in the evening and say, ‘Boys, I’m on duty in an hour, I think you should all think about making your way home or making sure you’ve got someone to take you home’.

“That’s the sort of bloke he was.”

South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas stated that it has been more than 20 years since a serving South Australian police officer was killed in the line of duty.

“It hasn’t been since 1985 that a serving police officer has lost their life at the hands of a firearm,” said the officer.

“It’s a great tragedy that a good man, at the age of 53, has lost his life in service of our state, in what would otherwise seem like a perfectly routine day on the job.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese shared his condolences to the family of Sergeant Doig on social media in the following statement that reads,

“My heart goes out to his loved ones and the SA Police community,” he said.

Investigation continues:

“The full circumstances of their attendance will be part of a commissioner’s inquiry, and we also have Major Crime and Forensic Response up here at the moment at the scene,” Commissioner Stevens stated.

Major Crime Detectives and forensic officers are investigating, and the full circumstances of the incident will be part of a commissioner’s investigation.

Police say that there is no threat to the public.


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